21 Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

Funny persuasive speech topics for if you like to mee the usual rhetorical standards but could be labeled fun public speaking too:

Join the online Harry Potters' Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

Wearing pajamas in bed is good for your health.

... (fill in the title of the song of your choice) is the funniest Irish song ever.

Improving spelling skills is critical to become a successful essay writer.

The Human cannonball stunt should be an entertainment event at our next campus event.

Rock music is better than Country & Western.

Jay Leno is funny because he has good joke writers.

Beauty pageants can be very beneficial for winning contestants.

Ghosts don't exist and are all in your mind - or has Harry Potter a point indeed ...

Having a third arm is better than a third leg.

You only can survive with a joyful optimist in case you are stranded on a desert island.

10 More funny persuasive speech topics:

Leather belts with a somewhat large buckle look good on guys. You can 'read' of it is a real able-bodied hunk or a flabby thin youngman. As clothing makes a man, tehy say. Digg for a top five of the top-rated signs you are dealing (and dating perhaps) with an absolute romantic nice guy who can be a tough cookie when needed.

Experiencing the thrill of a Space Shuttle trip is too expensive. You konw that that are plans for a travel agency for outerspace expeditions. Only for the rich and wealthy now, but in the future low-priced for the ordinary Joe the Plumber - at least that is what the entrepreneur predicates. Is it a hoax, a joke?

Always google a person before you meet her or him for the first time.

The best performances of Johnny Depp are Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissorhands and Willy Wonka. Enough actors' roles he played for an assessment of the joking lines the characters use in their vocabulair.

There are still fools who believe the NASA Moon Landings were faked in Hollywood studios.

Most people say they will break up with a cheating partner, but in the end most people do not.

Ten ways to use Twitter with fun public speaking purposes in a maximum of 140 characters.

Daylight savings time has many advantages for our economy.

Why many students rather text a friend than call her/him.

Why people get frustrated after some time using the 3D virtual world Second Life.

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