20 Fun Speech Topics Selected

Fun speech topics list given to sudden behavior change on a for grins basis with almost gossipy-like topics for public speaking.

These are examples of frolicsome informative branded personal concerns:
  1. Learn from your parents mistakes - black-list them and hold it against them. Note the reactions and write about in an essay or classsroom oration.
  2. The meaning of dreams for real life - hunted while were sleeping or teeth falling out of your mouth - what do dreams tell us about the awake conscious life?
  3. Magic tricks to stop thinking - putting your mind in the off mode is practiced in monastries, why not sitting in your school desk one in a while, when nobody notices?
  4. A holiday with no stress in three steps.
  5. Resolving a restaurant complaint in a humorous manner.
  6. How to cope with troubles at a family reunion.
  7. Five ways to disturb your competitors in a sand castle competition.
  8. How to turn the Academy Awards ceremony into funny event we all like to watch.
  9. How to write a fan letter to a celebrity that guarantees you a personal answer .
  10. Writing haiku's for fun.

Use the navbar and improve your chances to discover more ideas that can be transformed into fun speech topics. A quick public speaker tip: if you have not found what you are looking for, then scan other lists in my different sections.


Please note that my samples above could also be transformed into persuasion talks. But I want to make it somewhat more comfortable for you and introduce here ten persuasive topics for public speaking training individual deeds:

You could let your listeners move into action on the choosen gossipy-like subject:
  1. Why older women do not want to admit their age.
  2. Why most people are just like lemmings in our society.
  3. It is possible to party non-alcoholic and vegetarian.
  4. What not to do at official or ceremonial parties.
  5. Why beer darts are a fun game and not sports.
  6. Selection criteria for a Thanksgiving turkey.
  7. Why casino players actually are sad people.
  8. What are good candid photographs?
  9. The dangers of approaching Potbellied pigs.
  10. Old fashioned men's swimwear or sportswear.

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