15 Fun Persuasive Speech Topics Direct

15 Fun persuasive speech topics with a droll bite for auxiliary occasions you be short out of buzz for class public speaking.

1. Persuade your speech class mates that the more old cheese smells, the better it tastes.

2. Bars and nightclubs should provide transport home for its workers in the early hours.

3. Diet pills and other methods are an outstanding marketing trick for a huge market of millions of people dying to lose weight.

4. People should never be allowed to be nude outdoors / or only be allowed at their own property (especially when you are the owner of a huge garden).

5. TV advertising spots are in 99,9 percent not honest, and then reveal the secret messages and hidden persuaders in well-known commercials.

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger (or take another person) for president / not for president.

Or make a top 3 of complete outsiders and elaborate on each person. That could be resulting in al lot of fun persuasive speech topics :-)

7. Canada has the friendliest people / it is a great misunderstanding that Canada has friendly and nice people.

8. Public speaking teachers and instructors are / are not paid more than enough.

9. Men kissing men and women kissing women on tv is / is not repulsive. Other disgusting or just exiting habits, actions or movements can also result in speech topics for your fun persuasive speech.

10. Always sleep in your own bed. And then list the top 5 likes and dislikes, and the benefits of a good night sleep, and persuade your classmates to do so.

11. Smart people ought to be free to move to another country / must be forbidden to emigrate.

12. The color brown should be forbidden in bathrooms, or of course any other colors you don't like to see when you take a shower.

13. The Pirates of the Caribbean cinema movie is an absolutely overestimated movie series / definitely needs a Part V.

14. If a woman wears short skirts it's okay for men to look at what she is showing.

Or another fun persuasive speech topic variant in this category could be: how to cope with women wearing shorts or short tops and you don't know where to look. Yes, these are important things in life to discuss :-)

This category of 'females are generally smarter than men' (or vice versa in different fields) is a very good source for fun persuasive speech topics :-).

girls are smarter than boys

15. Women are becoming the majority of students in colleges and universities, because they are smarter.