Fun Persuasive Speech Topic List Two

Fun persuasive speech topic list including twenty public speaking speechwriting indicatons from supernatural powers to heaven and from females to picking your nose for class:

1. Ghosts exists / haunting places are just fairy tales.
2. If a women was president there would be less war. Or not, if you like :-) just state the other way around!

3. Bachelorette parties are most of the time not what men think they are. Girls like to have real amusement and their parties are funded in moderation and good sense.

4. It is wrong / is not wrong to steal bread to feed your family in case they are hungry.

Yes, start serious, but then suddenly mention a few funny situations, those main points can be turned into fun persuasive speech topics.

5. Open yourself to supernatural powers, or choose to talk about the following issue: supernatural powers are definitely hocus pocus. They look like the real thing but aren't at all.

6. Persuade what type of piercings are not done in your community.

7. Why vegans are being ridiculed, or why veganism is not my cup of tea. Or: why I choose for a vegetarian diet. Note: there is difference beween the eating styles I mention here.

8. Older persons going to college are sad, are smart, are no fun, etcetera. List the prejudices about them and come with evidence sufficient to establish them as (un)true, with a silly bite :-)

9. Factors that determine if you get into Heaven or not.
10. Schools should ban Harry Potter for promoting witchcraft.
11. Girls are into tall and cute guys, shorties and brutes have no chance.

Or write a speech with just the opposite public speaking topics.

12. Top 5 persuasive reasons why the minimum age of a president should be 40.

Or take the age of a Prime Minister or High Court judges for a persuasive speech topic for your own country.

13. What woman or men absolutely not should wear.
14. TV and cinema movies are responsible for the increasing number of breast implants today.
15. Places where picking your nose is acceptable, places where it's not. E.g. in a car when waiting for a traffic light...
16. Haircolors do men / women think are the sexiest.
17. Best places for boys to go shirtless.
18. The ... (fill in your example network or station) TV network has the most slanted coverage.

Other fun persuasive speech topics can be about other news content.


19. Women are obliged to leave the seat up for the convenience of men. Display the reasons why and the advantages of being polite.

20. ... is a country I want to stay forever. Or fill in a region, city or an exciting place to be and you have another speechwriting announcement: