20 Fun Impromptu Speech Topics For Anytime

Fun impromptu speech topics for anyone who seeks ad-lib unrehearsed orating aid with a comical bite. See my main page in this genre on the left navbar for more information, or try my bubbling fun and humor section:

Every Real Man Needs an Attractive Conversation Opener
Analyse the essence of a attractive conversation opener in a bar.

Hyper-parenting Causes Coddled Kids
Argue evidence that hyper-parenting causes coddled kids.

When Employers Throw Your Job Letter Away
Compare the methods employers use to throw letters of job candidates into the waste basket.

Everyone Can Stunt With Her/His Mountain Bike By Popping a Wheelie
Enumerate the procedure steps for doing pop a wheelie. (This fun impromptu speech topics example can be appropriate for demonstration speeches too)

Most Important Contrasts Between Females and Males
Contrast the social differences between the sexes.

Great Sitcom Comedies Need a Laugh Every 25 Seconds
Summarize the golden rules of a television sitcom comedy.

Is A Fancy Happy Hour Really That Fancy?
Criticize the merits and faults of a happy hour in bars and restaurants. These are public speaking idea with a spin because every student (and instructor) knows were you're speaking about :-)

Girls Are Like Roses So Girls Like Red Roses
Define the precise meaning and value of giving roses.

Why Grannies Like Reading Gossip Magazines
Describe the characteristics of popular gossip magazines.

If You Bum a Ride of a Stranger Restrict It To Daytime Hours
Discuss the pros and cons of hitchhiking.

Excessive Use of Video Games Interferes With Your Daily Life
Evaluate the utility of being an addict to video gaming. Why do men in their early thirties have a compulsive and obsessive habit to play for hours on late evenings in dark rooms with total strangers on the other side of the planet.

And why do women do not share such a devotion to a computer screen plus a two-thumb controlled device? I wonder with you ... :-)

Nothing Occurs Without Adequate Reason
Explain why nothing happens or occurs without a reason. (A fun impromptu speech topics bit free to the famous philosopher Gottfried Leibniz :-)

He has more due to his philophic logical reasoning strategies about distinguishable perceptions that seem to be and come true when we are dreaming or sleepwalking - see humor on somnambulation.

What Verma, Kapur, Bhatia and Brown, Jones, Smith Have In Common
Illustrate the frequency of common family names, like Brown, Jones and Smith.

How Old Do U Want 2 B Today, Madam?
Interpret the impact of info on population aging in the wellness business.

Justify The Left Side of The Page But Leave The Right Side Ragged
Explain and justify this mysterious saying ...
(Choose other nutty sayings for alternatives of course)

Why Nitrous Oxide Is Called a Happy Gas
Outline the funny side effects of laughing gas.

Romanticism Only Exists in Your Head
Prove the falsity of romanticism.

Community Weirdos Make Life More Fun
Review and characterize strange and funny people in the streets on your way to school or college.

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Life Sometimes Is Stupid
Trace stupid stages of human life and come to conclusions: