30 Free Wedding Speech Topics

Free wedding speech topics based on dozens of ideas, the order of speakers and how to transform your ideas into a personal talk on the best subjects for a happy day!

Directions for use: read the top 30 I have created plus the do's and don'ts, and do follow all the links to more special information:

I have divided my ideas for a marriage talk in five handy transparent categories:

a. The Welcome and mandatory congratulations paragraphs;

b. The Personal notes and Compliments;

c. The Key events;

d. Sharing Anecdotes and stories;

e. The Wishes and Toasts.

Just pick out the fitting topic ideas you need and that are appropriate to the occasion. Now let's make a kick-start with my long top thirty free wedding speech topics:


1. Welcome the bridal couple.

2. Welcome the guests: the family members, the best man, the maids of honor and/or the bridesmaids, the friends and the collegues of both partners.

3. Congratulate the couple, family, friends.

4. If you are the best man or the MC (Master of Ceremony) Toastmaster: introduce all public speakers.


5. Compliment the bride: you are looking beautiful, great or something like that. And do mean it!

6. Compliment the ones who made her dress; mothers, sisters, aunts.

7. If you are not the best man: thank the person who play that role for his efforts.

8. Briefly describe your relationship to the bride and groom.

9. Why are you invited to speak at their happy celebration?

10. Why do you want to speak?

11. How did you met them? Can you come up with a funny anecdote?

12. Tell them what they mean to you personally in your heart and mind.

13. Mention the special people in the couples' life.

14. Refer to joys of the meal in case you are an after dinner speaker.


15. What are milestones in the lives of the bride and the groom?

16. In what key events did you play a part?

17. What happened in history the day they were born?

18. What in history happened at this day of love? Stay with nice things ...


19. Tell a funny anecdote about the run up to this beautiful occasion.

20. Look for funny things about the groom or bride.

21. Tell a happy story of the bridal couple.

22. Visualize how they met for the first time.

23. Narrate how they have been introduced to the parents.

24. Mention and describe their common activities.

25. Describe their different characters, be nice and funny!


26. Express how happy everyone is.

27. Wish the bridal couple all good things in life.

28. Thank guests for attending.

29. A joke or quotation can serve as good closing statement.

30. End your ceremonial address with a toast!

Free Wedding Speech Tips: Speaking Order

Is there a toastmaster or a master of ceremonies? Then let him or her decide who is speaking at what time. The speaking order below is often used at weddings.

Follow the links to more best speech topics and writing tips:

1 - The first is the father of the bride. He ends with a toast to the bride and groom after speaking on topics like these 30 father of the bride ideas.

2 - The second is the groom. These 20 groom suggestions reply the first speaker and ends with a toast to the bridesmaids.

3 - The third speaker is the best man. He replies on behalf of the maids of honor/bridesmaids and ends with a toast to the parents of the bridal couple.

See my 26 best man friend of the family hints or take the short cut: my top 10 best men texts.

4 - The fourth one is the maid of honor. See my 17 maid of honor ideas. And check my 7 maid of honor tips.

5 - The father of the groom has more time! He has time enough to check these 20 topics for a free wedding speech at an anniversary rehearsal dinner.

6 - Other people like the mother of the bride also can speak. Of course bride in all her glory and groom decide!

Writing Tips

I have made a list of do's and don'ts. These 7 free wedding speech writing tips can be used for all official and informal ceremonies, like a end-of-the-day reception.

wedding speakers ranking order flow chartFive golden tips for delevering your lines:

1 - Use brief notes on index cards.

2 - Keep it short, 4 of 5 minutes is okay.

3 - Rehearse your talk in front of someone else and adapt helpful recommendations and feedback she or he gives.

4 - Write down the words Break or Pause in the left margin of your writing topics to speak in a normal pace.

5 - Make eye contact to the happy couple while speaking. Look around to other guests. And talk with a smile!

Finally: Congratulations of course! Good luck with elaborating on your love words. Do look for help:

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