30 Free Speech Topics
For Public Speaking

Free speech topics from Buddhist rituals to FBI rituals and totem poles to railroad system public speaking issues. I give you three fast lists, also for essay writing:

1. Makeover programs changed consuming TV - the metamorphose of housewifes.

2. Help moms with twins! Or the non-profit organizations of moms of multiples

3. Sports stretching exercises at the start of your work / school day prevents injuries.

4. Do undercover FBI agents belong on campuses, and why are they there stationed?

5. Does Venezuela survive the constitutional crisis of power?

 6. Offshore installation accidents through the years.
 7. Why is fear of public speaking the Number One phobia on our planet?
 8. Buddhist rituals (lots of inspiration :-) bring peace and comfort your mind and soul.
 9. Prisons create criminals as you go in as a thief and go out as a potential murderer.
10. Calcium is important for you - but too much salt not.
11. Investigating shipwrecks at the bottom of the seas.
12. Priests should be allowed to marry as the oath of celibacy is untenable.
13. Quebec should become independent, yes, but what will the aftermath be?


The number 12 and 13 of the last row of my list of different free speech topics can be altered into opposite motives by replacing should / by should not.

14. Wire-tapping needs permission - did you know how many times we are tapped?

15. Sick building syndromes exists but is always controverted.

16. Fix flat tires in a snap without making dirty hands.

17. China has no serious stock market, or do they?

18. Petrol oligopolies and monolpolist cartels.

19. Set up a swimming program for the elderly.

20. Proposals to avoid plagiarism in essay writings.

Those were the persuasives, now ten informational directions:

21. Felony penalties in various states on aggravated stalking.

22. Totem poles and obelisks as unity, tradition and pride symboles.

23. Monastery life for one week.

24. Responding to campus massacres by laws and dialogue.

25. Underground railroad systems in capital cities.

26. The philosophical doctrine of Nihilism - or is that nothing for essay writing?

27. Effects of war on economy, the positive side of the medal.

28. The benefits of wind tunnels for the car, shipping and aviation industry.

29. The governing system of rules in the Middle Ages.

30. The Wright Brothers' first flight.

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