40 Free Speech Topic Examples

Free speech topic ideas page with free informative speech topics and free persuasive speech topics for speechwriting.

These are samples of free topic statements on controversial public speaking speech issues.

E.g. claims of fact, of value and of policy:

 1. Report suspected abuse in nursing homes.

 2. Provide everywhere access for people with disabilities.

 3. Acupuncture is successful in treating health problems.

 4. Solutions for affordable housing.

 5. Agnosticism is skepticism regarding theology.

 6. Extreme air turbulence can be fatal.

 7. Perfume has a positive effect on romantic.

 8. Beware of charity scams.

 9. What is the Ultimate Couch Potato?

10. Downsides of using biometric signatures.

11. The problems with androgyny.

12. The effects of 9/11 on airline industry.

13. Solutions for at risk children.

14. Practical ways to reduce consumer risks.

15. Baldness is attractive.

16. Issues that are a result of a bank merger.

17. Does the Borstal rehabilitation method work?

18. Beach erosion issues.

19. Tips for workplace dating.

20. The universe started with a Big Bang.

And now a row of free speech topic primers that can serve as a good topic for an informative public speaking speech, to learn your audience about something:

21. Ancient musical instruments such as the Harpsichord‎, Qanun or the Lira da braccio. Do not know what those things are? Well it's nice to learn something yoursef too!

22. Bird watching is not boring or stupid - on the contrary, lots of international clubs are reviving thanks to the sociale media as inexhaustible sharing partner of photograpic, and audio and video.

23. The Bayeux tapestry. This very old embroidery of more than hundred yards long is an animated cartoon avant la letrre. It tells the saga of William the Conqueror in the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

24. What are primordial, stellar, and supermassive black holes?

25. Bone marrow transplantation - soft spongy tissue - to cure sickle cell disease.

26. Caffeine effects on health.

27. Medieval Crusades, how many volunteer armies reaches their goal to retake Jerusalem - or are most of the heroe stories folklore tales?

28. Career counseling, suit yourself a mentor master who guides and advises you.

29. Carillons in bell towers.

30. The Delphic Oracle, the high priestess at the Temple of Apollo in Greece.

31. Limestone, lava, ocean, sandstone and ice cave exploring. And what about talus boulder, mud and sinkholes anyway?

32. Al Qaeda and affiliates.

33. Chinese espionage.

34. Chronic lower back pain.

35. Our biological clock.

36. The Sasquatch mystery.

37. Consumerism in our society.

38. Bagpipe music.

39. Dealing with cyberbullying.

40. The coral reef ecology system.


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