20 Free Speech Class Topics

Free speech class ideas and informative Toastmaster Internationals for education and communication skills training purposes:

1. The effects of year-round programs on student improvements - it is really productive?

2. A milestone of your choice in ancient history - Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Middle East. Select one empire period and narrow it down to one engrossing event. A war, decisive battle, the rise and fall of a dynasty.

3. Famous women trailblazing explorers and their field of interest, plus the aftereffects in modern science.

4. How a computer virus work, offer examples of recent attacks in the news.

5. The 13 Colonies in American history - the New England and the Northern and Southern outpost territories. Each of them are nice example speech ideas if you see what I mean.

6. The landmarks of our city, region, state, province or country.

7. Threatened and endangered wildlife or plant species.

8. The daily fresh fruits and vegetables you need.

9. The facts and figures on persons admitted to the our country as refugee or granted asylum.

10. The U.S. Postal Black Heritage stamp series.


1. The Gross National Income GNI explained in simple words.

2. Western, African and Asian countries compared by life expectancy.

3. The growth of the total world population till 2050 and its causes.

4. How a sauna can stimulate weight loss and other positive heatlth effects.

5. The scientific theory of the species of Charles Darwin.

And five example speech ideas on different subjects that seem to be boring as free speech class input due to the fact that lots of speakers use it - but if you alter the turn of events and samples a bit new perspectives occur:

1. Abortion should be made legal to save the mother's life and in cases of rape and incest.

2. Building more nuclear power plants is not needed to reduce our energy independency on fossil fuels, there are enough satisfying options, alternate back-ups using the four nature elements of:

a. wind;
b. water;
c. fire;
d. and the always shining sun!

3. Environmental protection should be given priority above our economic growth, starting with a mandatory paragraoh in every construction plan about the effects on nature and groundwater.

4. Firearms sales laws should be more strict - after lots of disasters and cruel incidents at schools, and the change of people's attitudes and lifestyles it is time to reinvent the legal regulations.

5. Fundamental reform is needed in our health care system: