Fear of Public Speaking Phobia 
Test Yourself

Fear of public speaking phobia do it yourself test for high school, college and university students, and members of Toastmasters International.

To put it simple and direct: for persuasive and informative public speakers, business people, actors, musicians, and people who have to give an extemp wedding address.

Do you feel yourself uncomfortable having to make a presentation at whatever oral event or occasion? Take two steps ahead right now!

Determine with this simple test whether or not you have a serious fear of public speaking phobia problem to conquer. Answer with complete honestly to get your true results so that you can overcome any glossophobia with or without any social phobia treatment.

I suggest that you take the test when you are all alone by yourself. Grade each feeling or symptom by checking a box, and you will see your total score at the end of the test. Simply change your choice by unchecking the same little box:

speaking fear test scale

1. A tense and quivering voice

2. Acceleratie heart rate

3. An overwhelming urge to flee the situation

4. Cold hands

5. Dizziness

6. Dry mouth and/or throat

7. Excessive blushing

8. Feelings of self-doubt

9. Feelings of uncertainty

10. Thoughts like ‘I’m embarrassing myself’

11. Nervousness

12. Rapid heart beat

13. Negative thoughts of things going badly

14. Shaky knees

15. Sickness in the stomach

16. Stammering

17. Stuttering

18. Sweaty hands

19. Trembling hands

20. Trembling lips


Your total is:  

Your speech anxiety is Low if your score is up to 15 points. You actually have no big problem. No need for a self help training program, only for improving your oral skills perhaps.

Your feelings and motions in front of an audience are normal tensions every public speaker has in the beginning. They can be overcome with a good night rest and breathing exercises.

Nothing to worry about you are not feeling uncomfortable at all.

If your score is up to 45 points. Welcome to the club! Like the majority you are feeling very uncomfortable. Nerves and tensions influence your behavior seriously.

But there is a way out. Think about some form of social phobia treatment program. No worries.

If your score is more than 45 points. You suffer from the fear of public speaking phobia effects.

You avoid any situation that might include giving and delivering a succesfull speech topics presentation. You hate making and delivering, that is for sure ...

It is extremely difficult for you to speak in front of a group. But, you are aware of the necessity and the possibilities to cure your persistent aversion.

speaking fear test scale

Now check out what books or a self help training program can offer you a sure way out. You are not lost at all, you certainly are not alone:

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