30 Father Of The Bride Speech Topics

Father of the bride speech template including thirty topics, themes and public speaking ideas to be the first public speaker at a wedding ceremony. Talk also on behalf of your wife. Do mention her marriage insights and thoughts:


If you are not the father of the bride but for example her brother, uncle or nephew, then say something like this: I'm not her father but he would have been proud of her this day! As her brother - or other close relative - I am proud to be giving her away on behalf of our family!


1. Start by telling briefly who you are, not everybody knows that; collegues or friends of the bridal couple or the groom's family members.

Tell how long you know them - there will be something that can serve as icebreaker.

2. Welcome and thank the guests for coming and sharing this day if you are the host and there is no Master of Ceremonies. Especially guests who have come a long distance.

3. Mention humorous incidents this very day so far, and highlight beautiful moments.

4. Wish all a happy day or night.


5. Compliment the bride: e.g. say that she is a beautiful, elegant or lovely woman.

6. Tell the guests about your daughter, emphasize very special relationship the two of you have. Talk about your love and pride. Say how much you care about her. Avoid cliches. Talk affectionately. Tease a bit, make funny remarks of her character, job, study, hobbies, passions, skills or achievements. Be a gentleman.

7. Tell some little silly stories about the bride.

8. Reflect on her prewedding years.

9. Tell about how you and your partner saw her growing up.

10. Tell about your hopes for her. Tell how she has surpassed some expectations of you and your partner.

Be gentle when you come up with the ups and especially the downs! E.g. don't mention previous boyfriends ...

11. Conclude this part of your father of the bride speech with telling how proud you are.


12. Tell funny stories about your daughter and the groom.

13. Tell how the groom was introduced for the first time to you. That always work in a father of the bride speech.

14. Tell what your first impressions were. E.g. his looks.

15. Tell about shared interests, your relationship, surprises.

16. Tell what you've learned from him.

17. Tell how you see he makes your daughter happy.

18. Tell about his character, job, study, hobbies, passions, skills, achievements.

19. Conclude this chapter of your father of the bride speech with welcoming the groom into your family. Tell that you are delighted he has become a part of your family.

20. Welcome the joining together and the family of your new son in law.

21. Tell you're looking forward to get to know each other better. Mention something both families have in common.


22. Thank everyone who made this partya succes, for their generous help.

23. Thank the mother of the newly spouse and the mother of the groom for their efforts in organizing all things.

24. Mention the maids of honor/bridesmaids, say how beautiful they look and thank them for supporting your daughter.

25. Thank the clergyman, clergywoman or minister.

26. Thank anyone (familymembers and friends) who have helped with the party and reception.

27. Thank the florists by saying everything in the church, the town hall and in this room look wonderful.

28. Thank everybody who made financial contributions. Bring this part of your father of the bride speech with humorous remarks.

29. If your partner has passed away, then speak a few words in her memory. Tell she should say the same warm things. Welcome to the bride and groom on her behalf too. Look forward, this is a happy day!


30. End with a loving toast to their health, success and happiness.

E.g. Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding and raise your glasses, please join me in the traditional toast, I give you... the bride and groom!

Final remark: Mix in some words of wisdom about marriage itself. Refer to what your own father in law said at your own matrimony in his father of the bride speech long ago: