3 Farewell Speech Checklists
For Stayers and Goers

Farewell speech schemes including 20 free hints and clues for concluding the past years the reasons for leaving and emotions and feelings towards people position or place when leaving. This kind of ceremonial speaking is broader than just a retirement text. It has elements of concluding the past period or years, a career, and the reasons for leaving. It describes your emotions and feelings towards the people, position and place you are leaving or towards the person who is departing.

Here are speech topics in two easy checklists for two kinds of sample leave-taking addresses. One for if another person - friend, collegue or relative - leaves. And one for if you depart - or start a new life:

The basic written rhetorical rules are quite simple. Your farewell speech ought to give public conclusion. It is an appreciative tribute to those who are departing or staying behind.

It is a public recognition on behalf of a group, company, class, community or place to someone who is departing. And it is an emotionally leaving address to a group or place. If you ever have to say adieu, then use my guidelines and other checklists. Just pick out the ones you need.

When a Farewell Speech?

There are many situations in which people say adieu, goodbye, adios, bye-bye or cheerio to each other. The most common occasions are:

* Someone closes an important part of her or his career, a retirement.

* Someone is forced to retire early due to ill health.

* Someone moves to another organization, community, company, position / place.

* Someone leaves the community where she or he resided.

* But also a graduation ceremony talk can be seen as saying goodbye.

* Even words at a funeral could be seen likewise.

Anyway, what you say, when you want to say it, the attitude, the occasional words you use in your talk: all have to be appropriate to the ceremonial occasion.

In other words: link your address to the history of the community, family, place, company, school or college, et cetera.

Checklist If Someone Else Is Leaving

1. Expresses appreciation for the way you worked, co-operated, learned or lived with.

2. Characterize the leaving person in a few sentences. It don't have to be long copy.

3. Link her / him to the history of the community, place, company, school or college. Places and environments she or he worked and lives and have worked in.

4. Achievements, successful projects? List highlights and headlines of the best actions, her/his involvement or commitment, dedication.

5. Memories, stories, anecdotes?

6. Why is she/he leaving? What do you think of it? Describe your feelings.

7. Wish her or him all the best for future successes.

8. State: We won't forget you, followed by: You won't forget us either. And tell why.

9. Conclude your honoring oral communication with presenting a gift.

farewell speech checklist other person

Checklist If You Are Departing

1. Tell what you liked about the people you worked, co-operated, learned or lived with.

2. Mention some special people with whom you have worked closely.

3. Describe your emotions for the place or position you are leaving. The classical three are: anticipation, excitement and apprehension.

4. Link the speech ideas of my previous number 3 to achievements and successful projects by stating clear reflecting and concluding points.

5. The formal thanking factors in a farewell speech: xx years of the best of everything, the opportunities to work with the best people, and for the chances to be a part of interesting experiences.

6. A special memory, story or anecdote?

7. Challenge your audience to carry on the goals of the organization, company, school, college, university or community.

8. Why are you leaving? What do you think of it? Describe your feelings.

9. What are you going to do? Why? A chance to extend yourself? How? New challenge?

10. What are your hopes and wishes for those who remain?

11. Stating a grateful tribute to the people who are remaining is the perfect end of your farewell speech:

checklist if you are retiring

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