20 Extemporaneous Topic Ideas

Extemporaneous topic suggestions for extemps in order to develop your analytical and public speaking skills on the best speech topics on political and social issues.

You can start with:

1. Reasons why Facebook's popularity is falling down.

2. The controversy over President Obama's broadcast education speech to schoolchildren.

3. Why we have to preserve architecturally significant historic-cultural monuments and heritage.

4. Should we make legal alcohol limits the same for both car drivers as well as boaters?

5. Should the labels light and low tar be banned on in tobacco and nicotine products?

A Few Extemporaneous Topic Ideas To Test Your and Your Public Audience Intelligence

6. Bailouts and have prevented that our economy become worse in current and future times.

7. Does Europe rely too much on Russian gas petrol fuel sources?

8. Must all college and university textbooks also be available in easy to update and cheaper electronic ebook versions?

9. Why releasing Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi from a Scottish prison is an insult of the relatives of the Lockerbie victims.

10. The government of India should advocate for a nationwide census; regarding the population growth?

Advanced Best Speech Topics

11. Should the African Union nations and organizations end direct military aid to the Transitional Federal Government?

12. Why we should not be afraid of the Swine Flue and trust on the precautions.

13. How former vice president Dick Cheney breaks the tradition of being not critical towards a new Washington administration.

14. Pre-existing conditions may never be a reason to to deny coverage by insurance companies.

15. Or choose the opposite side for an extemporaneous topic : Bailouts will cost us, the taxpayers, in the end mucht more?

16. Should we accept a sky-high federal budget deficit number?

17. Why church ministers should have lifelong, monogamous, stable relationships.

18. The three pillars of a labor union: higher salaries, secondary benefits and job security.

19. Will freshwater supply to millions become the next huge world problem besides the global warming issue?

20. Does marijuana has a therapeutic and medicinal value for cancer patients?