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Extemporaneous speaking speech topics in three parts to help you do a better job next time you have to speak without preparation. Almost everyone is going to have to speak extemporaneously at some point in their lives, whether it is a simple introduction to a group, presentation for work, or something more complex occasion:

Most natural communication can fall under the umbrella of the term extemporanous speech.

But just what is it, and what are the best rules to follow so that you know you are giving a real winner extemporaneous speaking talk or address and cure your on stage fear?

Let's take a look at my tricks that will help you do a better job next time you have to speak without preparation:

First, I will define extemporaneous briefly. What is an extemporaneous speech anyway?

Secondly, I will give hints, tips and inside information plus tricks on how to prepare an extemp when you do have less time to anticipate on what is goning to happen.

The third part: it is all about delivery stuff and things like that when some is cracking the whip behind you ...

What Is Extemporaneous Speaking?
Loosely put, why a difficult definition, it is a speech you give without much preparation. There are roughly two types:

1. Competition
It is a type of event that occurs at high schools and colleges. And that is perhaps why you are reading this article. Good! It's all in the preparation, wise (wo)men say :-)

The competitors are given a few extemporaneous public speaking approaches for conversations at a short list without any annotation. Given the fact they in general only have half an hour or so to prepare tub-thumping speechification on a subject of their choice out of a brief paper with some sentences, I can testify to this remarkable work.

Here I stick to the basics of performing in an improvised manner on the best outline when the game is rolling.

This figure of speaking is done with few note cards or even no single note, and is usually loosely planned, rather than memorized or read from a prompter.

This kind of public speaking is a great way to become quicker thinking and to improve at persuasion, and it is an important background skill for many people, from politicians to people in business sales careers.

2. Social
Less formal extemporaneous speaking is likely to happen at major social events like weddings and funerals.

You may be called upon some day out of the blind to talk about an individual person, an outrageous object or a substance, and there is a good chance you won't get much time to prepare ahead.

However, just about every situation will give you a minute or two, and that's when you can easily work out a really good address plan - provided you know how to do it right without doubt.

Coming up now: in part 2 and 3 you will find the things you can do to make yourself much better in ad hoc carrying out with few or no notes at all. Including the guarenteed successfull art of testing of the listeners sitting in front of you in an interactive extempore session ...

Because that is one of the tricks I will share with you - reciprocal action leads to an easier and more confortable situation when you are put o the spot suddenly, and the synergetic flow will bethe guiding hand.

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Study the hints I give you in the different paragraphs and if you wnat to learn more on extemporaneous speaking help take a look at some contests and see the pros at work:

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