24 Extemporaneous Speaking Topics

Extemporaneous speaking topics for public speaking to persuade or inform your audience offhand about based on current event:

Easy Ideas
Should the Cash for Clunkers program be continued due to its success?
Should we prosecute individual American intelligence personnel involved in outrages committed during the hunt for al-Qaeda members?
Will microloans and community banking be the lifesaver for developing countries?
Did bankers caused the recession and are ordunairy people paying the price?
Should we be afraid of internet crime and piracy?
Is this the time to increase taxes?

improvisation stages

Should we lower our tolerance for repeat drunk driving?

Some More Difficult
Does the number of abandoned and abused pets swell as the economy has worsened or even closer at home: when the vacation season will soon be in sight ...
Will on-campus housing problems worsen in the future - what are botherations and squeezing annoyances that should be cleaned up right away>
Should there be fines for running out of petrol on the motorway?
Should we consider free public transportation (metro, bus, or other forms) in large cities?
Should the time high school students spend on homework each school night be limited to two hours maximum?
Is Barack Obama the next John F. Kennedy but better because he is an expert in auticue teleprompting reading ...

Complex Public Speaking Speech Topics
Does the fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan become tougher over time?
Should internet service providers and hosts be prohibited from blocking any content?
Is the Hugo Chavez controlled legislature in Venezuela a serious threat to free thought and freedom of speech in that country?
Is the reappointement of Ben Bernanke as chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors a good and wise decision?
Should lobbyists in our financial and political capitals work transparent and open?
Do we need a government funded campaign to transform our capitalist economy to a clean and green energy economy?

More Advanced Extemporaneous Speaking Topics
Will freezing the construction of Jewish settlements in the West Bank favors the Middle East peace process?
Is prison and jail reform more than just reworking tough legislative packages of criminal sentencing laws?
Does fanatic animal rights extremists endanger the universal human rights, or vice versa?
Will a flexible timetable to withdraw American troops from Iraq will best serve our national needs and interests?
Is seizing laptops or other computers indefinitely by the customs a proper instrument to fight the border crime?

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