15 Extemporaneous Speaking Topic Objectives

Extemporaneous speaking topic suggestions for an unprepared presentation in school or college just read them carefully and alter them in the way it fits your extemp oral task and manner.

I have grouped them in three categories for yours truly convenience; exempli gratia:

a. Easy

b. More Advanced

c. Somewhat Difficult

a b c

Easy (The Best And Good :-)

Why do bush fires often occur immediately after a rainy season in spring and autumn is there an scientific explanation for this annually natural phenomenon?

Should mayors keep a daily blog concerning their whereabouts and policies - just for squaring up at the next election time?

The requirement to register to vote in general elections. Should we end, keep / alter that practice - what is the reason behind it, is there some kind of a preambule in the laws concerning registration?

Should we outlaw taxpayer-funded events in political campaigns?

More Advanced Subjects

Should the Justice Department release information more often and sooner to local media to involve the local residents in crime fighting and solving almost undoable cases?

Is it ethical to wipe away illegal migrant or asylum camps in Europe?

Are teens with free access to a car more at risk to get involved in accidents?

Will Hispanic immigrants - like other foreigners - adapt to the American society?

Somewhat Difficult Extemporaneous Speaking Topic Processes of Conjoining - But Not Only For The Pros, Don't Worry :-)

Is the new G-20 summit effective in solving the economic crisis?

Must judges sentence drunk drivers who for long terms in jail?

Is the decision to stop the development of an Eastern-Europe air missile defense system a threat to the national security of the nations involved?

Or: alternative best speech topics could be the position of the western world, or even Russia's point of view.

Could we lose the war in Afghanistan now the insurgent troops are multipying their forces?

Are the rich G-20 nations buying out their efforts to reduce the negative climate change effects?

Will water supply be the next geopolitical problem we must face seriously?