9 Extemporaneous Public Speaking Topics Unproblematic

Extemporaneous public speaking topics that cover informative, persuasive, domestic, and foreign issues to come up at high school and college extemp events:

Easy Ones For An Extemp

1. Should cruel and very authoritarian principals be sacked - or are there any degrees in domineering the campus population with accordingly disciplinary fines for them?

2. Why do we need a Whistle Blower Protection Act - whether we like it or not they always serve as a replacement or scape goat anyway?

3. Does the Bharatiya Janata Party represents a pan Indian ideology and how did it evolve over the years?

4. Must we focus more on improving basic education for the poor and historically disadvantaged - and what are the chain reactions for the overall wel-being of human beings in society?

5. Do gays have as many rights as the rest of society does?


Some More Difficult Extempore Issues

6. Does global warming makes the Arctic Sea ice melting or is it a conspiracy theory to make us believe to inves in alternative power sources? Both sides of the same coin are extemporaneous public speaking topics you could consider to try out anyway.

7. Does the world community really want to solve the Darfur Sudan problem even the states are now separated?

8. How India can be persuaded to participate in efforts to tackle global warming, or is it not prerequisite?

9. Is the growing population and economy a threat to India's environment?

10. Does the development of tourism in Malaysia opens new opportunities?

11. Should the Indian society invest in maintaining peace between Hindus and Muslims?

12. What are the causes of political instability in Pakistan?

13. Can prime-minister and Democratic Party leader Yukio Hatoyama give a boost to the Japanese economy?

14. Reasons why Facebook's popularity is falling down?

15. Is Wikipedia sometimes more reliable than for example the Online Encyclopaedia Britannica?

16. Should illegal immigrants receive no doctor care?

17. Will petroleum will be the major fuel till 2050?

18. The quality of health care in America is the best in the world, or is it a myth?

19. Do pharmaceuticals profit too much from Swine Flu or other mondial diseases?