16 Example Persuasive Speech Topics
in Selling Phrases

Example persuasive speech topics to show you ways to set your goal for a fact, value, and policy text to speech in a spur-of-the-moment. These role models show you to set your goal.

Learn to figure out the specific purpose for your thoughts. Remember: state a fact,a value or a policy claim.

Formulate a single phrase - one major idea - in which your point of view and the response you want are united nicely.

Do not use jargon and do not assume that everyone knows what you know. Explain and comunicate clear. Ask yourself: what do I want my listeners to know, do, motivate, inspire, change, or to agree with? Try to catch the essence, just like the specific goals below:


Here are some nice options to think about:

* Fact claim: Persuade them that Internet chatrooms are not safe.

* Value claim: Convnce them that animals do not belong in zoos.

* Policy claim: Pull over the listeners that arranged marriages should be outlawed.

More statements:
Modify your general purpose into an effective topic statement. Formulate a one sentence declarative statement, a firm claim, or an arousing question that is clearly identifying your message.

This is very important, especially if you have selected inspirational themes. State the message you want to communicate, like these samples.

They could be attracting titles too. They force your audience to listen:

Four randomly chosen fact persuasion statements are:

E.g. Space Exploration Benefits Our World
E.g. Poor Air Quality Threatens Our Health
E.g. The Aging Population Hurts The Economy
E.g. Internet Chatrooms Are Not Safe

Value statements to persuade are:

E.g. Cheating Is Unacceptable!
E.g. Media Violence Harms Children
E.g. Metal Detectors In Schools Violate Students' Rights
E.g. Animals Don't Belong In Zoos

Many students write and deliver alluring policy statements:

E.g. Keep Your Thermostat At 68 F In The Winter And 72 F In The Summer
E.g. Examinations Must Be Replaced With Other Assessment Forms
E.g. Social Security Has To Be Privatized
E.g. Arranged Marriages Should Be Outlawed

Set a purpose, a goal you try to reach, and create a specific topic statement like these example persuasive speech topics. And there you are :-)

That is all you have to do for now. You have a great start to research your arguments and write further! Apply my how to instruction guides.

A grateful homage to a wise old proverb as one of my example persuasive speech topics

The knowledge communicated in my library tutorials assist you on the road to the best written text to speech: