25 Elementary School Speech Topics Straightforward

Elementary school speech topics on animal keeping, favorite things to do at home or the playground and specific hints that lead to innumerable variations:

1. What makes you happy?

2. Our last vacation trip.

3. Fairy tale characters you would like to talk with.

4. Magic tricks you can show.

5. Funny things my pet has done. A great quantity of this special theme is to be sorted out of animals and keeing them at home. Do consult your atending if you may bring an animal in class. In case of hesitation - do not cross this line:

6. My favorite family story.

7. Oceans in the world.

8. My neighbourhood.

9. Funny Halloween costumes, inspires to lots of funny elementary school speech topics.

10. A visit to the doctor, dentist.

11. How does it feel to wake up an being a giant?

12. Places I lived.

13. Why I want to travel in space to the interstellair universe.

14. The best paper airplanes withput less folding work.

15. How boomerangs return to their sender.

16. Circus clowns in all sorts and characters.

17. My one-day internship at fire department.

18. Fireworks on New Year's Eve.

19. The best fishing spots.

20. My best birthday ever.

21. I am good at ...

22. This is the song I like to sing every day is: ...

23. Making puzzles of thouands pieces and the tricks I have learned.

24. Police uniforms or fire department attire outfits.

25. What can you see in the zoo?

26. Musical instruments in an full orchestra.

Tip: Look at home if you see things or subjects that has a funny story when you look for elements to shape. That is a whole lot of different stuff.

The bricks and mortar for such small talks in front of teachers, (grand)parents and your the grading girls and boys have another working method. Generally you begin with thanking all for being at the traditional end of the year event. Than stick to this three-stage cannonball you lauch:

graduation pyramid model schematics

a. Wat have you felt when you thought of the things you have learned in the early years of your life?

b. What did you see for the first time and was not aware of?

c. What wisdom could you share in an elementary school graduation speech?

Another motivational public speaking tip to consider: take a close look at my other ideas and themes for children in my broader section when you finished reading this elementary school speech topics paragraph. You best can use my navigation bar at the top left. In my outline section there are several possible ways to group thoughts: