15 Easy Speech Topics Child's Play

Easy speech topics list including fifteen quick writing topics for a K12 education public speaking lesson, especially for grade 6 to 8 and high school grades 9 to 12. As you can see, I have made three subsequent sub-categories: for persuasive, demonstration and informative classes.

Pick any educational theme that is as enjoyable as it is effective for you to develop into an uncomplicated talk in class. Of course do alter them if you like.


1. Why Harry Potter books are popular even among adults - ducky topics for kids and teachers too ...
2. Water management in our home really does matter.
3. Dolphins are intelligent creatures how do they communicate?
4. Why the sky is blue - explain the atmosphere layers and the sun beams.
5. Dogs smell better than we do - where does that come from?


1. The most famous painting of Vincent Van Gogh.
2. The production of coffee (or tea if you please :-).
3. Plant-based botanical medicines that really cure.
4. Fashion styles at school - what do you see and give the backgrounds.
5. How a rainbow appears when the sun shines and it's raining, assess the working of a prism.


1. The roots of Hip-Hop music.
2. How to become a space tourist.
3. How do animals spend winter.
4. Trial jury selection procedure.
5. My favorite success story.

And how further after reading the list of writing topics above? Well, simply choose the easiest topics for kids that interests you at first glance. For more ideas and suggestions just browse my site.

You will find lots of other suggestions and examples tailormade for K12 grades in my kids sections on my homepage. Because this is not the only page with ideas for child presentations...

painless brainstorm partners

Once you have found an attracting idea for a dialogue (as that is what it is supposed to be in the real speakers world), you only have to find a scripture story for the presentation. The most painless method is to share family and friend experiences to illustrate or allegorize.

They are a 'safe haven' to test your first drafts. And explain your easy speech topics straightforward in a snap.

Ask your teacher, or your own parents or relatives (e.g. sisters brothers, uncles, aunts, nieces and nephews or even your nice neighbours). They can assist to sort out the solid words and shimmering terms that comes into your brainpower cells when you are walking on the path of my brainstorming steps, calculating and weighting the information, and balancing the arguments you have digged up.

Group them in a logical order and there you are: a blueprint for a talk on a theme that is close to your heart and can be well-delivered in some minutes: