19 1/2 Different Speech Topics Disparate

Different speech topics on assorted items approached from unusual angles of view on women’s studies, video conferencing, self esteem and oceanographt resulting in good colorful public speaking ideas.

Most dictionaries define the term different as: not alike in quality or character, dissimilar, not ordinary or distinct.

In my own words, in the context of public speaking ideas: unusual.

So, that is the angle of approach I have chosen when developing these sample topic suggestions. I tried to transform ordinary topics into not ordinary.

Wise on being heterogeneous
And the outcomes: three unconventional entrances and hints below.

Just typing in rough views and brainstorming - lets say three - view points can generate tons of nice different speech topics.
And even more if you like!

* The subject itself / some benefits

* The main current issue in the work field / a Do It Yourself.

* Something about the history of the subject.

Women’s Studies
How we benefit from women's studies? (benefit)
How feminism, gender, scinmce and politics meet. (issue / characteristic)
The historical struggle to attain gender equality. (history)

Video-Audio Conferencing
Now three samples of unconventional and different speech topics on another themes:
What video conferencing can do for your organisation. (benefit)
The forms of video conferencing. (characteristic)
How to set up Skype in a snap. (a DIY)

Vocational Education
Vocational training: learn for a new manual or practical career. (explain the subject)
The costs and the revenues of turning employees into vocational workers. (benefit)
How disabled combat veterans can be reschooled for work at home. (current issue)

How to test your self-esteem. (a DIY)
Why self-esteem is essential for success and happiness. (benefit)
Re-program yourself self with relevant beliefs and emotions. (a DIY)

This theme fits perfectly in a smooth presentation about current atypicals:

Why most tsunami warnings happen to be false alarm. (issue)
Why the government should maintain sponsored ocean research centers. (benefit)
What kind of research does the Marine Science Institute conduct to protect the environment. (issue)

But if you think my list is not unusual, than try to find yourself optional angles by mind mapping - writing words related to and arranged around a central key issue.

Really: it works! (With some patience from time to time, ahum)

E.g. The Montessori Education Method, Librarianship, Japanese Raw Food, High Risk Students, the Fragile X Syndrome.

different speech topics angles of approach methods

These are unconventional public speaking ideas too, right? Try to work them out in the way I showed. You can find extraordinary help tutorials on other pages of my site: check for instance informative or persuasive in the nav bar on the left side: