15 Descriptive Speech Topic High-Priority Tips

Descriptive speech topic list for a public speaking powerpoint speech presentation plus deliver help with the top ten tips.

The goal of descriptive public speaking is to narrate about an object, event or phenomenon in a way the audience is able to visualize the image that is portrayed by the public speaker.
Your emotions and feelings are the core leading ladies when you prepare. First write down all thoughts, memories and rough ideas.

All the things that pop and come up first when you think about a certain candidate speech idea. Let's say you want to create a descriptive speech topic about a tall building you have visited, for example the Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The first things that pop up talking about that mega structure are:

▪ The height of the building in yards or meters;
▪ The ingenious type of construction;
▪ The huge pedestrian mall with cascading pools;
▪ The alomst unlimited number of levels and elevators;
▪ What you see, what you hear and feel when you approach the mighty building:
      ▫ The magnificent colors;
      ▫ The lights at night;
      ▫ The general noises;
      ▫The environment;
▪ How you experienced the guiding tour;
▪ The fear of heights, and so on.

Yes, you are right, I have been there :-) In other words, allow for a free play of facts, feelings and emotions, that is the essence of speech writing on a descriptive speech topic. After the inventory do outline the facts in a text to speech and a few slides.

Use imagery and figurative figures of speech; words and terms that denote all impressions and represent the object or process being described are important.

But there are more public speaking strategies you can use, for example mix these in your speech topics outline:

a. Adjectives, verbs and metaphors.

b. Sensory features of a subject or device.

c. Comparisons between two things.

d. Evolution in time.

e. Statistical data and bare facts.

f. Newly discovered information.

g. Details and easy to oversee things that could be important to know.

h. Personal experiences and memories you could share and people can learn from.

Here are fifteen sample descriptive speech topics for persuasive or informative purposes. Describe:
  1. How you experienced a typhone or any other natural disaster.
  2. Your little baby brother's first steps - the process of walking.
  3. How an airplane is prepared for take off - imagine we are in the cockpit.
  4. The movie theatre you attended recently - mention the movie-going experience from the moment to ente the building, the devices used, the big screen, the seats, the decoration, et cetera.
  5. How you negotiate and bought a car for a discount price.

  6. Your most memorable birthday party.
  7. Your favorite exercise gym.
  8. The home you lived in in your childhood.
  9. The nightlife in your favorite town.
  10. How you have found and developed a description idea...

  11. A place you like to show your audience and why.
  12. The short cut from your educational institution to the local supermarket.
  13. The most beautiful view of a hotel room during vacation.
  14. A sports event you will never forget.
  15. An object you never give away.
This descriptive speech topic list is just to accelerate and stimulate your start up. Pick some ideas and write down suggestions and things that may strike you. Give yourself a boost!

Camryn Manheim Actress addresses descriptive word

Top 10 Powerpoint Speech Tips

May people use Powerpoint slides to enhance understanding on their descriptive speech topic. My ten easy Powerpoint speech help tips:
  1. Begin each slide with a headline sentence, not just a conversation phrase.
  2. Use short, directing sentences.
  3. Use no more than 8 words per line, and 8 lines per image for projection.
  4. Use large fonts and a simple layout for easy reading.
  5. Be careful with the data density of the descriptive public speaking topics.
  6. Choose images and colors carefully.
  7. Can you read it easily yourself when you stand behind a desk as public speaker? You do not have to stretch your neck in an odd position? :-)
  8. Can the audience in the rear rows and the corners of the room see all slides?
  9. Is the projector focused and aligned properly?
  10. Have you darkened the room enough in a way everyone will see clearly your slides?
Print this handy top 10 public speaking Powerpoint speech advices, use it as a little secret table topics help paper when you are preparing and delivering in class or other speaking arrangement: