Demonstrative Speech Outline Standard Model

Demonstrative speech outline template with the basic tips and points to write your own public speaking pattern. Use it for compelling speech topics on showing how to do something, is done, made, or how something works in progress, or to display a process using props and visual aids. In this huge section you will find lots of ideas for informative, descriptive, visual aids, expository and demo clues for oral public speaking communication:

My Demonstrative Speech Outline Sample

SPEECH TOPIC TITLEWhat your demonstrative talk is about, a short irresistible description of the theme or subject of your speech.

GENERAL PURPOSEThe intended result:
To demonstrate


Specify your general motive more explicit. This purpose statement is to clearly state your specific goal or purpose:

To persuade that ... or to inform on ...

E.g. speech outline sample: The purpose of this demonstration speech is to persuade my audience how to pack light carry-on luggage for an international backpacking travel trip abroad.


In the thesis statement your describe in one sentence - eight to ten words - your purpose and speech idea. In our example: Packing light for an international trip means freedom.

THE SUPPORTING MATERIALSList here in the demonstrative speech outline your sources, the bibliography, a complete list of reference citations and studied books like you do for research papers, and possible visual aids. In our example: ... (here cited works in APA style annotation), a backpack and various supplies.

Get the AttentionStart with a statement that catches the attention of the listeners immediately. For example: Pack all you need, and then remove half! Huh? They will think now, and they keep silent and quiet to hear what you mean the upcoming five to seven minutes.

How to Greet ThemIf they don not know who you are, and you have not been introduced, then you have to introduce yourself at this point in your publc speaking presentation. And rationalize why you are the best person to give this demonstration speech. Increase your credibility.

Preview of the Main PointsIntroduce in one sentence the essential and leading main topics of your demonstrative speech.

Tell What's In It for ThemState why your presentation is useful to your listeners. Offer a benefit. E.g. Packing light for an international trip will mean flexibility and can avoid wrinkled clothes. No smoothing iron required!

Main Point IWhat props, examples, quotes, statistics, reasons, arguments, evidence, visuals can support your main points? Use them to construct your subpoints.

Jean-Paul Sartre Existentialist philosopher demonstrates right and wrongSubpoint 1
Subpoint 2
Subpoint 3

Main Point II

Subpoint 1
Subpoint 2
Subpoint 3

Main Point III

Subpoint 1
Subpoint 2
Subpoint 3


Do not forget to use transition sentences, word and phrases. Help your listeners to hop fluently from the introduction text to body part, and from the body to the concluding part of this demonstrative speech outline.

The Summary or Recap

Recapitulate the main points, the steps or action sequences.

CloserTry to find a original sentence or eye-opener to help the audience remember your demonstrative speech. A payoff phrase with a twist or climax. Or perhaps a call to action to act like you did.