Demo Speech Topics - 20 Bright Tips

Demo speech topics and statements for informative public speaking based evincing.

In a such an oral presentation you can do three things: explain how a process works, something is done or to demonstrate doning things.

This page contains ideas for showing processes and effects.

My definition of a process is: a series of operations.

Show the steps in a curriculum or sequence in such an order, that your public understand and can reproduce them. Choose for a logical and chronological arrangement of the main phases when developing demo speech ideas.

Because every member of the audience, whether it is a Toastmasters group or a high school class, everybody should be able to understand every detail. Possible and accessible examples of easy to handle demo speech topics could be these:
  1. How 3-D movies are produced and showed in a movie theater.
  2. What 9-1-1 operators do and ask in case you call to report an emergency situation.
  3. The stages of pregnancy explained - divide it in the first, second and third so-called trimesters of mother and baby.
  4. The secrets a cockpit voice recorder can reveal after a crash.
  5. Why bungee jump cords cannot break. (At least, that's what the proclaim :-)
  6. How fossils come into being after millions of years.
  7. The dangers of avalanches in winter sports resorts.
  8. The function of water towers in the 19th century.
  9. What alcohol does with your brain - Sleepy feeling, less coordination, and a slower reaction speed.
  10. Fitting a bicycle for a nice trip in the mountains.
Now ten examples of demo speech topics for techies, that's to say public speakers who want to display their interest in technology stuff and things like that:
  1. Polishing and cutting makes a diamond more valuable and thus expensive.
  2. Installing a dimmer switch is a piece of cake - a pretty simple do it yourself project.
  3. Why dry cleaning is not dry at all - start with the fabric tag lables which say Dry-Clean Only and enroll the method of using a chemical solvent.
  4. The ups and down movements of elevators - show how a compartment that is attached to a lifting system works. Make it somwhat complex by presenting a lateral transverse movement sideways.
  5. Make your own solar cells and save the earth.
  6. How oral recognition tools work for disabled people, a person with a communication disorder, or the hearing impaired among us.
  7. The working of antibiotics, medicines that kill bacteria, in our human body.
  8. Why you talk like Donald Duck after breathing a helium balloon.
  9. What a handwriting analist can discover in your scripts by examining the strokes and traits.
  10. How air conditioners condition the air in a room or building.
My five key clues for a successful and flourishing delivery of demo speech topics are:

Tip 1. In your demo speech ideas introduction tell what they are going to learn from you and why it is fun or needed to know that information.

Tip 2. Present a simple step by step plan, and conclude each step in one sentence before you continue your discourse.

Tip 3. Show your demonstration subject in climbing phases. Start simple, and go to the next sequence.

Tip 4. Let them do and feel it! In fact you can call demo ideas also public topics for interaction with your listeners. Give them the materials and lead them through the whole demonstration process. Seek for a volunteer if needed. Watch if all can follow the info series.

Tip 5. Paper or miniature models, drawings, slides, photos, pictures or of course the subject itself if possible, can bring your demo speech topics to real life in class.

Wayne Burgraff Philosopher demo presentation timing

Remember, choose engaging visual teaching aids that enhance, and strengthen and sharpen the understanding of the main sequence of stages and steps of your public speaking presentation. Sharing, connecting and joining are your sub-objectives: