47 Cultural Artifact Speech Topics Innovative

Cultural artifact speech topics for those who urgently needs to build a a 3 to 5 minute reflective informative public speech based on an object in which you reveal civilizing information about its maker(s) and user(s).

What Is
First a common definition to start with. A cultural artifact is:
  1. created by man;
  2. tells us something about the creator(s);
  3. tells us something about the people who use it;
  4. tells us something about the cultural background and/or historical time of its creator and users.
In advance you can present the following information about the cultural artifact speech topics of your choice:
  1. how it is made;
  2. to what means.
What Are
Almost everything that you can think of could serve as idea. Not only archaeological objects, also even things from this century. As long as you are able to provide the information in the points above. Key term is: cultural background info!

Matthew Arnold Poet ascertains the sweetness of cultural art

47 Examples of Cultural Artifact Speech Topics

17th century ship cannon
African tribal basket
Ancient copper chisels
Ancient Phoenician glass
Ancient Roman military uniform
Army uniform patches
Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo
Bronze Age artifacts
Buddhist prayer flags
Çatalhöyük murals, Turkey
Celtic bronze fibula-brooch
Chinese New Year dragon
City police badge
Code of Hammurabi, California
College student club ties
Commemorative coffee mugs
Confederate Civil War belt plate
Crystal Skulls
Eastern Orthodox Christianity icons
Firefighter artifacts
French Louis XVI chair
High school flags
Historical markers and monuments in your town
Missouri Indian necklace
Native American arrowheads
Old Alaska Eskimo tools
Participation medals, e.g. Olympic Medals and the story
Political campaign buttons
Salutation Royal Mail stamps
Ships in bottles, how to make those nautical artifacts
Shipwreck Treasure Coins
Sioux Rawhide parfleches and storage boxes
Sixteenth-century poison ring
Stained glass window in church
Stone Sculpture from Guerrero, Mexico
Sung Dynasty jar of Chinese ceramic art
Teotihuacan Aztec pottery in Mexico
The Black Stone in Mecca in the wall of the Kaaba
The ceramic mask of the head of the jackal god Anubis, Germany
The Terracotta Armyin the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, China
The Thiruvalluvar Statue, Tamil Nadu, India
The vuvuzela or lepatata Mambu
The origin of the Jack Sparrow Tricorn hat
Ukhahlamba cave paintings, Drakensberg Park, South Africa
Vintage golf plaques and their story
Wooden farmer shoes people in Holland wear
Your own stuffed teddy bear and the history of bears for kids.

My Tip!
Most informatve public speaking speech examples aren't easy to move to your speech class :-) So, use pictures, video, or slide sheets to make your point: