20 Creative Speech Topics
For Surprising

Creative speech topics and I will learn visionary speakers to turn ordinairy material into a clever public speaking communication form. Survey the ideas below with a fresh outlook. With a little bit of fantasy and imagination any student, education teacher or public speaking skills trainer can come up with surprising themes and original points of view in speech ideas.

The second part of this tutorial lists a few hints and tips for developing creative topics for a speech. Apply them! These creative speech topics and ready-to-go presentation statements fit most public speaking speech writing tasks:

 1. Eatable art objects are fun - like flowers!
 2. Open air classic concerts and their preparations in case rain seems inevitable.
 3. Hiding Easter eggs that can't be found in two minutes.
 4. How to make giant paper puppets for carnival and mardi grass parades.
 5. Regional seasonal fairs and festivals.
 6. New surprising hiking trails in the outback of your country.
 7. Remarkable business cards and their meanings.
 8. Science Fiction costumes explained with its underlaying symbolism.
 9. Symbols in Christian art and architecture.
10. Amazing theme party planning ideas for summer evenings.

Also consider artistic persuasive speech topics:

11. GPS is unavoidable in sports, especially golf.
12. Residential backyard playground equipment safety.
13. Garage sale tips for optimal sales in your backyard.
14. Learn to toast champagne like an professional MC.
15. Creative fundraising project ideas for your high school.
16. How to design a crossworld puzzle - or perhaps a sudoku.
17. Creative time management solutions.
18. Interactive museum exhibitions for children are fun to see.
19. Characteristics of the ideal blockbuster Hollywood movie script.
20. Irresistible food styling for dinning magazines.

As I mentioned before on top of this page, in this part I also offer a few handy and good tips for developing creative speech topics for your convenience. These are five sure no-fail methods and techniques for any creative speaker who wants to widen his or her horizon, and those of his or her audience members with new views and aspects:

1. Turn the perspective of ingenious speech ideas up side down and write down the surprising results.

2. Associate and note words, terms, verbs, and speech quotes while you are brainstorming.

3. Test related funny hypotheses and weird or uncommon theories.

4. Do it yourself alternative methods for common applications.

5. List the more thrilling and extreme aspects of do-able creative speech topics, and choose the best and skip the rest.

Try these tips and you will succeed: