60 Creative Persuasive Speech Topics Inventive Style

Creative persuasive speech topics for creative speakers who are attempting to find art stuff to talk about. My sixty-plus-two scheme is also very well-suited to high school college education students and members of Toastmasters International.

This part of the Toastmasters section is devoted to arts and crafts matters.
Most of the time this subject is used for informative presentations, but there are ways to make them influencing:
  • Learn them to look in a different way to visual expressions.

  • Teach them how to understand abstract paintings.

  • Motivate them to visit an exhibition, gallery or museum.

  • Move them to create something beautiful themselves:

Et cetera ...

Sixty sample creative persuasive speech topics. Brainstorm, make a favorite top 3, and focus, narrow down your passion or field of interest. Imagine what your audience want you to speak about:

1. Abstract paintings from Picasso's blue period
2. Aesthetics in trompe l'oeil effects
3. American craft in the early twentieth century
4. Applied art forms in industrial designing
5. Applique ornaments and patchwork sewing
6. Organic architecture
7. Armour Craft competitions
8. Criticism in art reviews
9. Gallery dealers and their way of doing business
10. Galleries in the city centers
11. Artists and how they earn their loan, their monetization models
12. Basketry
13. Batik
14. Beading
15. Ceramics
16. Cinematography
17. Collage
18. Collectors
19. Conceptual art
20. Crewel embroidery
21. Cross-stitch
22. Design and schools
23. Drawing
24. Earthenware
25. Embroidery
26. Figurative creations
27. Fine art
28. Flintknapping
29. Flower Crafts
30. Glass blowing
31. Glass etching
32. Graffiti
33. Graphic design
34. Illustrations
35. Jewellery
36. Knitting
37. Leatherworks
38. Lithography
39. Macramé
40. Mosaics
41. Music
42. Origami
43. Painting water gouaches for creative speakers that want to show drawing skills
44. Papercraft architecture in 3D that goes far beyond a simple plane or what
45. Papier-mâché for creating a float
46. Patchwork and why it is done
47. Photography to achieve digital stereoscopic effects
48. Poetry at its modern genres, like the cinquain, conceit, dactyl or doggerel
49. Pond making in your own backyard
50. Pottery in the first years of our calender era
51. Printmaking without a press tool
52. Quilting with sustainable fabrics
53. Quilts from Scotland and their historic context
54. Scrapbooking crazy types
55. Screen-printing your own T-shirt texts
56. Sculpture in life-sized marble
57. Spinning training scheme
58. Stained glass shapes in modern aesthetic forms
59. Stone carving at monuental complexes, mausoleums, graveyards and cenotaphs
60. Video mapping with self-made mobile phone 3D projections
61. Weaving by machines and spinners
62. Wood carving, the basic cutting strategies

This theme list can be the starting point. But there are more ways, more incentives of interest. Browse my site and discover many other artisan toastmaster creative persuasive speech topics: