29 Crazy Persuasive Speech Topics Extraordinary

Crazy persuasive speech topics suggestions for everyone who wants to orate on odd or funny theses in class or college. Use this free inventory of the things my students send in for spicing up your associative thinking and brainstorm process:

Diet beverages are often not diet at all and regular not quite regular ...
Do you know what computer pc or mac cookies do and what their effects are?
Famous coffee / tea varieties from India.
Funny Halloween activities for kids on a rainy day.
Going bare foot in the summer time - yep, wearing no shoes - is healthy for your feet.
How lazy students still survive and succeed in life.
How to surf unsafe with your web browser.
How to roast you marshmallow at campfires.
I want tot spend my birthday with ... (action verb)

If I were able to choose another name / school / job career / etc. And there you are: enough crazy persuasive speech topics.
Nose hair and bad breath are some of the things girls don't like.
Rather a lot of money than being an intelligent person.
Santa Claus does exist - my letter to Santa.
Some celebs lie about their age, why?
Speaking just one foreign language can broaden your horizon.
Taking a bath and taking a shower compared to each other.
The cons of Justin Beiber.
The food chimpansees prefer the most.
The history of the Hot Dog / the McDonald's Cheese Hamburger.
The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time is the best video game ever.
(Or another video game title for more odd crazy persuasive speech topics variations)
The pros and cons of real and fake christmas trees compared.
Top 10 all time favorite evergreens to sing in the shower.
What Michael Jackson did for the popculture.
Why (horror) movies about zombies are popular.
Why a drill sergent has to scream at cadets.
Why drunk internet surfers discover more interesting ideas.
Why it is not polite to ask a woman her age.
Why people in the tropics are warm-blooded and passionated.
World's classic masterpiece movie Citizen Kane (1941) and its metaphors: