8 Cool Topics For Informative Speech Dressed Up

Cool topics for informative speech presentations in class about school uniforms, burglary, safes, architecture, beaches, food and wine, golf and eco-tourism:

Corporate dress code policies.
School uniforms, medical outfits, security uniforms, and stewardess uniforms.
How are they designed and made? Outsourcing?
What special and efficient features are built in? Do the employees have powers or control on the choices of their looks in the streets and in official buildings?
The colors, styles, patterns business emplyees should wear on duty:
These are various other cool topics for informative speech class: Make your house burglary proof in a snap!
Examine door and window locks and breaks devices on security and strength. Make a plan.
Install a silent burglar alarm with surveillance cameras.
Get a dog or take a burglar alarm; what's best?
Set a clock timer for light(s) in your living room and hall - perhaps you bedroom too at certain before-sleep and awaking hours...
Get an insurance certificate licensed under police supervision.
Different safes
What is the best security safe for your needs?
What is the diference between a fireproof and fire resistant safe?
How to select the right home safes for usb sticks, cash, jewellery, personal documents?
Installing an underfloor safe.
Ways of locking; e.g. digital, keys, mechanic digit wheel.
Here are various cool topics for informative speech on architecture, beaches, food and wine, golf, and eco-tourism:

What are steps in the whole design process.
How to make your own home or garage floor plan blueprint.
What a restoration architect can do for your historic home or building.
List and explain careers in housing architecture, landscape design, urban planning, historic restoration.
Picking the best beaches for surfers or sunset photographers.
Types of beaches, dunes and coasts in several arts of the world.
Give theories scientists have developed why whales and dolphins end up stranding on beaches.
What are dangers of swimming: hazardous beaches, periods and ocean streams
Other cool topics for informative speech sessions are:

Food and Wine
Matching wine to your food - the five perfect matches for a romantic dinner table.
The basics of wine tasting as it should be.
A short demonstration speech with a mini-course vinology.
The great white wine types: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and Riesling.
The great red wines: Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon
The types of competition: stroke play, match play, USGA, PGA, EGA, the league in your country.
The most beautiful golf hits and swings explained, ideal for illustrating in an informative public speaking speech with video visual aids. Like this amazing video:

Famous tournaments around the world.
Tourism, travel and environment issues are cool topics for informative speech talks. If you put them together than you get:

What is the definition of eco-tourism? What does responsible travel mean?
How to choose perfect destinations, accommodations, and tour operators who benefit the local community?
Decribe and show artist impressions of the art direction of a sustainable lodge.
Non-governmental and independent non-profit organizations who are specialized in eco-tourism and their mission-statement: