4 Concept Speech Topics
On Leadership

Concept speech topics and the major rules of thumb for this kind of informatives illustrated with a little help of presentation software. You can write a speech or an essay about:

a. Some entity, object or thing;

b. Something that is happening, or going to happen, and events or outcomes or results of an ongoing amazing event;

c. A series of actions, the whole course of a process;

d. A concept, an original idea, a smashing theory or an interesting thought.

In general, put the spotlight on beliefs, ideas, and theories in abstract concept speech topics, but keep the following essential rules of thumb in mind:

Rule One When you are writing on conceptual informative ideas, the most important rule is to neglect all extremely controversial issues.

Rule Two Avoid presentation software themes that could end in an argument, a controversy or a quarrel with your beloved audience :-) Such as pro hate or pro speech issues, the tax system, or religious issues.

It leads to a persuasive talk instead of an unbiased concept speech topics information presentation.

Rule Three Avoid to write a speech on ideas that are inexplicable and indefinite. Things that are hard to explain or not clear enough to fully understand within the time limit of your assignment.

Some examples of not doable concepts are medical ethics, financial morality, and general cultural values.

Bottomline: communicate abstract concept speech topics clear and understandable, and for all: keep it unbiased.

Good Governance in Business All goals and objectives of the different business parts and departments are in harmony and are complement to each other.
From the chief executive officer to all employees in the field; everyone must know his role in the whole.
The process of decisionmaking is clear to all workers and it mirrors the ethical attitude, the goals and responsibilties.
Stakeholders are equal, but some are more equal than others ...
Accountability and transparency are basic key values.

What Is Heroism The qualities or conceptions that make someone a hero or heroine. E.g. Courage, sacrifice, loyalty, fortitude, and nobility.
Examples of famous heroes. E.g. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Missionary Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi.
Types of heroism. The classical hero - powerful, battles evil (E.g. Superman)
The romantic hero - aristocratic, byronic, fights social and cultural conventions (E.g. Count of Monte Cristo)
The modern hero - famous by her or his oustanding acts (E.g. Harry Potter)

The Plate Tectonic Theory The surface of the earth is seperated in tectonic plates that slowly move to one another.
Theory of continental drift: continental plates form long ago the seven continents we have today.
Function of volcanoes according to geologists as plate boundaries in the ocean.
Show boundaries of convergent and divergent plates on a world map.
History: in 1915 German meteorologist Alfred Wegener came forward with his theory of continental drift.

Note: the following concept speech topics example of a basic public speaking outline is about the US Congress. Describe functions, acting roles and political power in the House of Representatives and Senate:

The Key Players in Congress The Majority Leader
The Minority Leader
The Majority Whip
The Minority Whip
Officials acting Pro tempore.

Tip: Use graphic sheets, organization charts, and real time online education presentation software to communicate your written speeches loud and clear :-)