20 Comparison Speech Topics Practical in Lessons

Comparison speech topics to analogize, contrast, and balance two or more subjects, objects, plans, solutions or alternatives.

Show listeners which one has the most absolute or relative benefits, pros and cons, and of course explain why.

1. Private boarding schools, public education and home schooling. These are hot product comparison fields among the high school, college and university population.

2. Which system is superior: capitalism (economic system designated on private or corporate rights)or socialism (mainly based on laws for social ownership and cooperation).

3. Compare two SUV's (sports utility vehicles) - arrange the corresonding equivalent and disadvatages in a product comparison and tell which one you would choose and why.

4. Soprano saxes and alto saxophones, or comparison speech topics about your favourite musical instruments.

5. Direct and indirect aid - what is the best way to help the developing world? Consider the two forms of helping support.

6. Webhost x compared to webhost y? Tell about your personal experiences and provide tips for anyone who have to to solve and make a tough choice.

7. Ways to elect a President, make a comparison of the pros and cons, and the constitutional consequences and the political conditions.

8. Creationism and evolution theories - is it science versus religion, or is it much moe complicated than that?

9. Which on should be abolished: monarchy (governed by a souvereign king or queen) or republic (a president is the head of state rules by citizens)? Of course that depends on your own country.

Humorous performer Dave Barry comparison speaking

10. Security measures versus individual freedom and personal privacy regulations. Judge the true and false arguments in the public debate.

11. Are books better than television? These comparison speeches often causes impassionate debating ...

12. Is democracy the best form of government? Compare it to other forms of administration.

13. Organizers and agenda note books, which time management type is preferable?

14. Compare digital cameras, MP3s, media players, a notebook comparison or other electronic public speaking comparison speech topics.

15. Organ donor opt-out system vs the opt-in system. What system do you favor?

16. Perfumes - an ideal subject for a demonstrative comparison topic.

17. Examinations or are other forms of assessment better?

18. Nuclear and alternative energy sources? Explain which one we should explore to battle the energy crisis and the global warming effects.

19. Two-party parliamentary system rather than a multi-party system?

20. Make a cost of living comparison in two cities, regions, nations or parts of the world: