4 Common Informative Speech Topics Insightful

Common informative speech topics and a set of possible main points to write on types of state government, illicit drug use, health insurance and a retirement plan:

The Major Types of State Government

Aristocracy The highest economic elite or nobility class rules society based on inherited legal privileges. E.g. Ancient Greek Carthage in the second century BC, Italian Venice in the Middle Ages.
Democracy The people rules, directly or indirectly chosen representatives by free elections, protected by basic civil and social rights. E.g. U.S., Canada, Sweden.
Theocracy Immediate rule in the name of God or by religious authorities who are regarded as divinely guided. E.g. Iran, Vatican City.

Now some common informative speech topics on health issues:

Risks of Illicit Drug Use Health Increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Respiratory and lung malfunction.

Mental - like antisocial personality disorder, schizophrenia or phobias.
Safety Workplace, injuries while driving machines for example.

Traffic, car drivers are more blameworthy for accidents.
Life Problems with maintaining family and relationships.

Middle and high school performance is impaired, leads to dropping out.

Risking job loss.

Check The Right Health Insurance Find an insurance organization that cooperates with your local health care practitioner or hospital.
Your actual personal health status and quality of life counts also.
Are you covered for things you really need, or are there features you do not need.
Covered for affordable alternative and complementary treatment?

And last but not least one of the common informative speech topics many education students like in high school and college to talk about in speech class:

Calculate a Solid Retirement Plan When You Are Still a Student Plan your pension early and forget car loans and credit card use for a long time, save that money!
Estimate how much income and assets you need for a comfortable life.
Determine how much you can afford to save each year or month.
Examine and judge the benefits of three or four plans.
Ask a professional for a second opinion.
Reconsider securities in your stock portfolio.