Commencement Speech Topics Tutored Template

Commencement speech topics template including twelve prompts to give a verbal account about insight, knowledge and the meaning of things in life for a graduation ceremony. Read and practice all gripping tips below.

The speaker shares and reflects upon his or her personal experiences, and teaches, entertains, motivates and persuades the graduates. The core has to contain your personal ideas and thoughts.

It is given at a academic event at which students are graduating and receiving their diplomas. This kind of public speaking is also called the commencement, given by an important community person or an alumnus of the university or college. Sometimes the speaker is a celebrity whose knowledge and achievements in work and life are related to the goals of the institution.

1. Link your own personal and professional experiences with the future of the graduates. In other words: how do you see things? What are your values in life and career? What theories, visions and insights have you learned or developed?

2. Personalize general themes. What personal experiences, wishes, ideas, thoughts, advices come into your mind when you see these commencement speech topics:

Voluntary Activities,
Personal Improvement,
Self Respect,
Freedom Of Choice,
Personal Growth,
Decision Making,

3. Talk about your speciality, specific expertise or work experience. E.g. these ideas: How did your career start and develop? Be honest. What lessons can you teach the graduates?

4. Tell a short funny anecdote to illustrate your professional attitude. How do you work things out, how do you solve a problem, how do you succeed, what are your great successes or achievements, and why are you proud of them, are good commencement speech topics.

5. Present your goals in life. What are your goals now? Have they been changed in time? Why? How?

6. Your inspiration sources. Who or what inspires or has inspired you? Who are your heroes or masters? Events, turning points?

7. Consider ethics. What is your attitude towards education or work ethics?

8. Your dreams in life. What are or were your dreams? Did they come true? How?

9. Challenges. What do you think is the biggest challenge in life? Can you persuade them to act as you have acted?

10. Memorize your own graduation. Share the joy and your expectations then and now. Stress the differences. Emphazise the comparisons. What were your goals when you graduated? What commencement speech topics did you remember?

11. Praise the hunger for knowledge. Explain why it is important. Who were your teachers? What did they teach you?

12. Place the ceremony in a broader context. Remember the graduates that they are part of a society. Teach them what they can do for their community. Tell them what you did or still do.

Before you work out this stuff, think about these top-notch questions:

WHY ME? - Why did they have invited me as speaker? Ask them what they expect, what is their motivation to contract you.

TO WHOM AM I SPEAKING? - Who are my listeners? Choose the graduates and family members as your main speech writing targets.

WHAT IS MY MESSAGE? - Try to extract an inspirational message, thought or wish of the speech idea you elaborate on.

A final tip: try to speech not more than 10 minutes. It's enough to limit yourself to these commencement speech topics: