2 College Speech Ideas
Planned Ahead

College speech ideas for outlines with possible evidence and proof for elaborating further on these What Happened schemes on the American civil war and trips to Europe. Other topics can have a more What Is It or an Explain It character.

The eight major events and political developments that lead to the US Civil War from 1861–1865.

I Historical Events.
  1. The Mexican-American War from 1846 to 1848.
  2. The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854.
  3. The anti-slavery Wyandotte Constitution of 1859.
  4. Election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860, a anti-slavery president from the North.

II Policital Developments.
  1. Southern politicians defend slavery; they control by stressing the economic value of slavery to the Southern states.
  2. The opposite Northern states faces growing urban areas, industrialization, high birth rates, and an increasing number of European immigrants.
  3. The rise of the Antislavery Abolitionism movement.
  4. Formation of the Confederate States of America by the Southern cotton states.
A handy how-to for every member of your public who wants to travel to for example Italy, France, Sweden, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany or even Eastern Europe.

I The Flight.
  1. Making hotel arrangements, sometimes it is cheaper to book online.
  2. Obtaining my passport and visa for foreign countries.
  3. Purchasing my plane ticket.
  4. Getting the information on the CDC's vaccines and immunizations you need
II Practical.
  1. Health precautions - including a handy do it yourself first aid kit for backpackers.
  2. Possible language help, on your tablet or in bookle form.
  3. How to make sure electronics work abroad - select the right devices.
  4. Writing telephone numbers of relatives in my personal documents.
  5. Mailing travel data, flight information, hotels names, numbers to friends.
  6. Making up my suitcase.
III Financial.
  1. Arranging my budget.
  2. Changing dollars in foreign currency.
  3. Protecting my credit card against crime and other missery.
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