3 College Speech Class Bonus Outlines

College speech class topics and ideas on whistleblowers, disabled persons, and transportation tax dollars and tips to work them out.

Why every company, government agency or other organization or institution should have a solid policy to decrease the risk of things going wrong internally and to better internal quality. You can outline this idea as follows:

I. The Main Reason
  1. Every employee can raise a concern about dangerous or illegal activities. E.g.:
    1. Failures to comply with legal and regulatory requirements.
    2. Criminal offences.
  2. It can prevent circumstances in which the health and safety is in danger.

  3. It can prevent any serious damage to the environment.

II. Three Benefits
  1. A whistleblower procedure is in the best interests of the company. Because:
    1. It increases productivity.
    2. It multiplies motivation and thus quality.
    3. It strengthens and stresses the health and safety criteria.

  2. It makes clear what the governing policies and procedures of the employer and employees are, and how they should be fulfilled.

  3. It lists the necessary environmental prevention measures.

Every citizen - so persons with a disability too - such as a vision, hearing, reading speaking, or speaking limitation - should be able to use and to enter all community programs and services. This simple sample outline for college speech class lists three ways to communicate effectively with each community member.
  1. Printed materials and information should be available in large printed characters.

  2. Mobility limitations or persons on a wheelchair should not be obstructed to enter and exit your office or school.
    1. Make sure there are special paths of travel-through doorways in your building or campus ground:
      1. The knobs of the doors should not be higher than 50 inches measured from the ground.
      2. The doorways should be at least 34 inches wide.

And this is a college speech class topic idea to train your debate communication skills in case you are in favor of improving public trasportation forms and you like to persuade you listeners of the opposite side:

Milllions and millions of people every day use buses, trains, trans, trolleybuses and subways. Government wants to improve in order to attract passengers. But pumping more tax dollars in public transit forms won't work at all.

State three reasons why:

I. It seems to be a very cost-uneffective way to reduce air pollution in our inner cities.

II. Spending more money on public transit will impose a weakened economy.

III. Public transportation will always be a highly expensive infrastructure: