2 Outlined College Informative Speech Topics

College informative speech topics including outlines of sub-items and aspects of body part of these What Is It plans:

The International Standard Book Number is an identification number which uniquely identifies every book worldwide for booksellers and everyone who wants to be informed about the roots of publications:

I call it a sample of what do those mystery digits around us mean college informative speech topics:

I. Since when used.
  1. 9 digit Standard Book Numbering code.
  2. 10 digit ISBN.
  3. 13 digit ISBN.
  4. Governing agency.
  5. How to obtain a number.
II. Digits one-by-one explained, what do the numbers mean exactly.

  1. The prefix element.
  2. The registration group identifier.
  3. The registrant and the publisher element.
  4. Publication element or item number.
  5. The check digit or checksum character.
  6. Code of your country.
  7. Demonstrate the an example college book.
III. The advantages.
  1. International standardarization.
  2. Easy acquiring information about books, due to abbreviate binding information.
  3. Author credibility and publisher authentization.
  4. Easy ordering from stores.
IV. Related Identification Methods.
  1. The International Standard Serial Number ISSN for cataloging series.
  2. The EAN 13 bar code.

This is one of the college informative speech topics that have a typically expository character. It's about two astronomical events that many have seen, but many haven't understand quite well yet.

Help them out, and inform your college peers about types and precise effects:

I. The lunar eclipse.
  1. Happens when the Earth moves between the Sun and the moon.
  2. During a lunar eclipse, you will see the shadow of the Earth on the moon, blocking the light of the Sun.
  3. When and where to see next time.
II. The solar eclipse.
  1. Occurs when the moon moves between the Earth and the Sun.
  2. The sky slowly gets dark as the moon moves in front of the Sun.
  3. The light of the Sun is blocked.
  4. When and where to see next time.
III. Types of lunar and solar eclipses.
  1. Annular, the annulus bright ring is surrounding the Moon outline.
  2. Total, when the moon and Sun are in a perfect line.
  3. Hybrid, some see a total, on other places people see the annular phenomenon.
  4. Partial, moon and Sun and are not exactly in line with each other.
Show the geometry with visual aids. Like posters, slides and photos from NASA in public speaking speech class, like you can do with my sample Explain It or What Happened college informative speech topics: