7 Christening Speech Topics
and Even More

Christening speech most asked questions and answers on what contents is suited for a toast. This type of an address in public is a very sacred and holy thing, and if you have been asked to speak at one, you should feel quite honored:

a. Even if you are honored by the opportunity, there is a good chance that you are feeling a little terrified as well, but there is no reason to be.

You will find that there are plenty of things that you can do to handle the situation while still giving a terrific christening speech that visualizes your message, and sincere wishes and hopes for the blank future of the child!

b. Even if you are not used to speaking in public and even if the idea of getting up in front of people has your heart beating faster.

My answer to all your needs is: take a look at some of the questions that you might have below, and check out the answers and toast concepts that go along with them.

Q. What is a christening toast or baptism speech?
A. A christening can consist of many firsts for a baby. It might be the first time that a baby meets her extended family and in many cases, it might be her introduction to the Christian faith and rites.

For example christening speeches by godparents given at an initiation church rite are a way for any beginning or advanced public speaker to:

1. Address the special people and friends who have come from far away;

2. Talk a bit about what the baby means to them;

3. Show how the christian or church community welcomes the new born;

4. And to thank everyone for their presence.

Q. When, on what occasion?
A. A christening speech can take place at a special time, when the whole family and all of the invited parties can be around, or you may find that it will be appended to a normal Sunday service.

This will depend largely on the preference of the family, and while some parents do like the thought of making the child a part of the community right away, other parents prefer that the baptizing be a fairly private thing.

Q. What to say in general in a christening toast, are there any ideas?
A. Yes there are plenty. Remember: these do not have to be long and boring baptismal texts. One or two minutes will do most of the time. It is like giving a small statement, a welcome from the heart.

No matter who you are or what relation you are to the baby, you will still have plenty to say. In this section for talks at special occasions when young people are christened or baptised I have invented many speech topic ideas.

For example here are my seven hints for a perfect and proper christening speech. They have helped many goodwilling godfathers and mothers, siblings, church ministers:

1. About the role that the child already started to fill in the world;

2. Speak about the people who love her and will care for this little baby;

3. About what heartfelt hopes you and your relatives have for her;

4. About how you felt when you heard that she was coming to the event;

5. Talk about what she means to you personally at this ceremony;

6. You can always end by thanking everyone for coming;

7. Thank all for their well wishes :-)

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