12 Bride Speech Topics in a Best-Performing Template

Bride speech ideas for wedding parties. Discover which ones of the twelve you need in this easy speaking template:

1. Start with stating your opinion about this wonderful party. Let all know how touching and emotional the bride and groom ceremony was for you.

2. Thank all organizers, the MC Master of Ceremonies of course for her or his efforts. E.g. Mention the feact they are still going strong the very moment you speak. Thank the best men, the hosts and other helpers, and especially the maids of honor or bridesmaides who have assist and guided you all day long.

3. Thank for all the lovely greeting cards and beautiful bridal wedding gifts and cute presents. Use some general words and thank you's.

Do not mention one favorite present in particular in brides speeches, because then you could offend other friends and family members who also gave you wedding gifts. And that of course is not your intention.

4. How do you see your newly groom this day? If he never wears an outfit like the perfect suit today, compliment him with his looks.

Do not be shy, but confirm all guests in their impression of him. If he always is good looking, then state that and say I am always proud of him. That's what bride speeches are for...

5. Tell a sweet little memory or funny anecdotal story about him and you.

6. What was the groom like before you met him? How has he changed when you started to know each other better?

7. How did you met? Call it The Real Story of How We Met. Very interesting when it differs from the stories in other bridal speeches on this day.

8. Tell that your friends loved him from the start. Use your speech to thank them for their support.

9. Good and romantic times you spent together - those ingredients always are a successful element of a brides speech.

10. Reflect on how you as couple interact with each other, how living together have brought many great things into your relationship.

11. Tell about your honeymoon vacation or future plans. What are you plans - a three week cruise on one of the seven seas?

12. Toast to your new husband and give a comment about this wonderful event is a happy end of your bride speech and look everybody present in the eye.

And do not forget to feel (and behave :-) like a princess for one very day beautifully wedding dressed, and hairstyled and make-uped as you have never had before: