Boring Speech Topics - 6 Easy Ways to Make Them Interesting

Boring speech topics can be hard to talk about without sounding monotonous and your audience is probably going to get restless pretty easily unless you make things a bit more interesting.

That's the truth. Writing a top-rated text really isn't as hard as you think so long as you keep the following speech ideas in mind:

1. Grab Attention of The Audience From The Get Go
This is the first step to transform them into a sparkling presentation.

An audience can tell a lot about a speaker within the first few sentences that they speak. They can usually tell if you're going to be boring or a more exciting.

Either way they aren't going to want to listen to rambling. Begin by talking about a startling fact or statistic that grab their attention and make them want to listen to more of what you have to say. You may want to be prepared to sprinkle your entire speech with interesting quotes, facts and ideas.

2. Boring Speech Topics? Keep Time of Day in Mind
People are most receptive to what you have to say in the morning. As the day wears on, the attention span of people is going to get shorter.

Make sure that your words and phrases is short and to the point, particularly later in the morning, in the afternoon and the evening especially.

Your audience will have a harder time being receptive if they are hungry or just completed a meal as well so try to avoid having a public speaking speech just prior to or after meal times.

3. Know Your Audience
You wouldn't talk to a group of children the same way you would talk to a group of administrative professionals. To help you figure out a good tone for your boring speech topics ask yourself the following questions during speech preparation:
  • Why is everybody gathering to hear you speak?

  • What are they hoping to get from your speech? What do they want to know?

  • Have there been recent events that your audience might relate to?

  • Do they share common interests aside from why they're gathered?
4. Be Descriptive
When you're speaking it can be easy to just talk at your audience rather than actually talking to them. You don't want to make them feel that you're just throwing information out there, you want to portray it in a way that relates to them and keeps them listening.

One way to keep things interesting for them so they do not get bored is to be really descriptive about everything you say. Just think of the five senses:
  • Touch
  • Taste
  • Sight
  • Feel
  • Hear
Think about:
  • Colors
  • Textures
  • Environments
  • Sounds
And relate them to your speech. This can really help boring speech topics go over better with your audience because they will be trying to picture the scenario in their minds instead of just listening. Hearing what you have to say and actually listening are two very different things.

5. Tell Stories
People enjoy hearing stories. It's a nice break from listening to cold hard facts which can be monotonous if that's what you do throughout your entire speech.

Avoid simply telling facts about the subject you are speaking about. It's hard for your audience to stay tuned in when you're filling their heads with statistics and such things.

Instead, break up your speech by telling stories related to specific areas in your address.
  • Instead of saying that college was grueling but worth it, talk about what made it so difficult. The classes? Not making a good income?

  • Have you ever made somebody really happy? Talk about the entire experience and the steps you took to insure someone was happy.

  • How did you create a product? Don't just say things like it took a long time to come to fruition but it was worth it. Talk about where you came up with the product idea and what you did to make it to the end without giving up.
6. Add Humor
Every audience member can appreciate a joke or two and it doesn't even have to be a super great one. Adding humor is one of the best boring speech ideas because it really helps to break things up and lets people relax even if just for a second.

It's likely to catch everybody's attention so they can all be on the same page again. They will be more attentive too at least for the short term.

If there's a recent event going on that relates to everybody you can talk about that and make light of it.

A few more things you can do to make boring speech topics a bit more interesting for your audience is makeing eye-contact with every person in the room or involving the audience by asking simple yes and no questions as an entire group.

If you don't feel comfortable making eye contact with specific people simply scan the entire room throughout your speech to make people think that you are looking at them. Looking around the room is much more effective than staring at the floor, your hands or a side wall.

Boring speech topics don't have to be boring and you can actually make them good, more interesting just by following these boring speech ideas. Adding humor, personality and personal stories help to keep make boring topics more interesting to your listeners.

Try to be descriptive without being too wordy to keep your speech on topic. Implement at least a few of these tips; your audience will much more receptive to what you have to say: