My Best Topic For a Speech Checks!

Best topic for a speech tips to check if you really catched the number one option for class and other public speaking assignment rules.

This simple public speaking checklist can be used for essay writing too.

Once you have browsed through my huge collection and you think you found for example the informative, persuasive or any other, then do these two easy tests to see if it fits the public speaker requirements.

Checklist One

How does it work? Well, simple. Once you have filled in the blanks in the templates below, you can see in a blink of an eye if your subject, theme or issue really is the first-class one.

1. Can you thoroughly cover the all ingredients in the time allotted?

2. Are there enough reliable sources of information in the library, on the internet or elsewhere?

3. Write out the purpose statement. Is the issue or subject too narrow or too broad? What is the central idea or message you want to communicate?

4. What is your call to action? Can you describe in one sentence how the listeners / essay readers should think or act?

My Best Topic For a Speech Checklist Two

Print this checklist and use it during and after the speechwriting or essay composing process. It helps you to order your thoughts and speech ideas.

What is my assignment category? Convincing persuasive, instructive informative, other kind of public speaking assignment?

What is the time limit in minutes? Or if it's an essay, how many words or pages do you have to deliver?

How many credible sources of information or what annotated bibliography do I have to use?

Are there special rules for constructing your main points? How many points are you required to hand over?

What side are you on? Why, is it credible that you opt for that stand anyway?

What call to action - what do you want them to do or do not perhaps right after you have spoken?

Note cards allowed?

Props allowed?
  • Any special rules regarding the visual enhancing props?

  • Easy to see for the audience in the back of the room?

  • Not too complicated to demonstrate or show in a small or somewhat larger room?

  • Note: always ask before to bring in food, drinks, animals or children. Don't even think about bringing in illegal materials or subjects! Again, consultate your teacher or instructor in case of doubt.

Speech occasion and setting for the public speaker: where and when do I have to speak?

The audience, in other words: who are your listeners or readers if your write an essay?

Other special requirements and/or rules that can turn your idea into the best topic for a speech?