10 Best Persuasive Speech Topics
Test-Driven in Practice

Best persuasive speech topics and top Toastmasters International tips if you wonder if there is a holy grail answer on the question what controversies are culminating:

The best things to write on are the subjects and controversies you like, your audience like to hear about and the one that fits the occasion and assignment.

Here are some sample issues, opposing view points and problems you can use for fully brainstorming and researching on some best persuasive topics you can think of:

1. The ethics of artificial insemination with cows or other animals for the meat industry. Are there alternatives or even new inventions that makes things easier for the cattle?

2. Same goes for the treatment of factory farm animals: chickens, cows, pigs, goats, calfs, sheep, rooster, lambs, turkey. Under what circumstances do they live and are there any ameliorations or prosperity upgrading advancements to suggest?

3. Mentally disabled and capital punishment: two opposing sides, two different toast master views in a arousing debate.

4. Censorship in college and high school drama productions. What can be done at this? Write a speech about this best persuasive speech topics idea!

5. Eating disorders and risky methods to lose weight for teenagers.

6. Female genital mutilation by cosmetic surgery doctors abroad is not always unethical. In Africa it is done often - secretly in hidden chambers - as a traditional rite.

But isn't it unethical and immoral to maim girls and young women?

7. Parents should be allowed to choose the gender of a child, or not of course.

8. Computer hackers benefit corporations if the bosses should listen to their advice and feedback.

9. The Morning-After Pill should be available without prescription from a doctor. Public speaking speech topics in relation to the Pill are always contriversial, especially when it deals with the age factor.

You could bring that focus on stage but keep al close eye to the attitude and the social background of the listeners.

10. George Orwell was just right when he wrote his novel '1984' ... Big Brother is watching us all the time.

Develop the toast master subject you and the group in fornt of you like, and that suits the public speaking event. Want some writing and researching help tools and wisdom?

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Do you remember the basic guideline for finding good Toastmasters International like I mention above? Only then you create the best persuasive speech topics :-)