26 Best Man Speech Topics

Best man speech ideas for roasting the groom and a blueprint for the thank yous and the toast proposals at a wedding. You are traditional the head of the bridal helpers crew, so reply to the previous speakers on behalf of the maids of honor or bridesmaids and other helpers. You have to propose a toast to the parents, roast the man being married, and compliment the happily married couple in its widest sense. The best man often is the third in the speaking order, you come after the father of the bride and the groom have did their job. In all circumstances do realize that it is fun to be the chosen friend - knowing that makes the duty easier:


1. Open your best man speech with a joke or a funny statement about this day.

2. Introduce yourself briefly - not everyone in the audience will know you.

3. Thank the groom for his words and for asking you as best man.

4. Flatter / thank the female marriage partner on behalf of the maids of honor / bridesmaids and helpers. Compliment her looks.

5. Acknowledge the hosts of the party on behalf of the guests, often they are the parents of the newly married woman, and they've paid lots of money for this party ...

6. Be grateful to the father of the bride for his kind words.

7. Salute the parents of the bridal couple.

8. Thank the couple for their gifts and compliments to the maids of honor or bridesmaids and to all other people who helped making this day a succes.

9. Mention some funny incidents in your best man speech about the preparation for the wedlock. Mix in some averted disasters of this ceremonial day. Reveal some secrets from behind the scenes.

These previous nine speech topics can be covered in one eight to ten word sentence each. Okay, provisional conclusion: you now already have the first 70 to 100 words!

Or about one minute text. (approximately of course, use for a more precise estimating amount my calculator section in the navigation menu on the left)


10. Tell about your dear relationship to the benedict. How did the two of you met? How has your friendship developed, how you became best mates?

11. Why did they choose you? Ask him before and give his answer a nice twist.

12. Address the couple and include anecdotes about themm. Tease a little bit.

13. How did they have met each other?

14. How did he tell you about his new love, what did he exactly say?

15. How has he changed? Did he behave differently? How? Give examples of ordinairy funny situations.

16. Roasting the married male is the heart of your best man speech. You as best man may humiliate him in an amusing way in front of all wedding guests. Make a blithe show of it, with lots of laughter! Tell funny stories and embarrassing incidents of his past and use props.

17. Come up with some jokes about his years of study, job skills, sports, hobbies and achievements.

18. Display on a video screen some photos of harmless embarrassing moments for the groom and tell the story behind it.

19. Illustrate your light hearted remarks with props - old toys, sports wear, school awards, and so on. My tips for using nice and funny props:
  • Try to put an amusing remark or a joke after each set of 3 or 4 lines in your best man speech. And wait asplt second till they have laughed.

  • Do not be offensive, nasty or rude. Do not go too far. E.g. do not mention any of his escapades with women and girls in the past, it might upset him, his wife and the other guests, like children ...

  • Your text get the appropriate length only if you select the best and funniest stories. Arrange some sort of a try-out with a couple of close friends or relatives to find out what works and what not.
20. What is your perspective on the growing relationship between the newlyweds? Roasting is a nice tradition, but I bet you want to keep it positive in the end. That is all they expect from you.


21. Give some words of advice about love and marriage. Be somewhat sincere and emotional now.

22. Strenghten your thoughts by using inspirational quotes in your best man speech.

23. Give a little bit of spousal advice if you are married yourself. What have you learned? How do you cope with marriage things?

24. Give some heart felt comments about the blessed duo. Yes, speak from your heart.


25. Reply to the groom's salute to the maids of honor or bridesmaids.

26. My last idea for a best man talk: if the father of the bride did not raise a glass to the bridal couple, then you should end your best man speech with such a proposal to the new husband and wife. Congratulate or bless them, and express your best wishes, wish them a long and happy life!

Well, what to do next? If nobody has been appointed to serve as MC or Master of Ceremonies, then you perhaps must be the public speaker who introduces the next activities and highlights of the program.

E.g. Make practical announcements everybody need to hear for that day.
E.g. The cutting of the cake, when the family photo opportunity will take place.

Not acting like a host, just be the reliable host for all attendees. Whatever they are asking you ...

nice bowtie tuxedo for a best manAsk if they want you to perform that essential task. The head of information, the so-called improvising 'consumer control help desk buddy' to handle ticklish situations in a diplomatic way. Do it right after your main ceremonial points!

And you also can read out loud the messages, cards, emails, faxes or telegrams from family abroad, who were not able to attend this wedding day: