Best Man Speech Idea 
Top 10 Accelerated

This best man speech idea list helps you to prepare your roasting groomsmen speeches and the thank yous before you hand out any gifts for groomsmen and the wedding toasts proposals fast:

1. Thank the groom for his words and for asking you to be best man.

2. Compliment the bride and her looks on behalf of the maids of honor or bridesmaids and other helpers.

3. Toast to the parents, and if appropriate, grand parents, of the bridal couple.

After the ceremonial opening it's time for a teasing best man speech idea as a warming-up with this appetizers:

4. Mention some funny incidents or averted disasters of this ceremonial wedding day.

5. Tell about your relationship to the male parte of the bridal couple:
  • How did the two of you met?

  • How has your friendship developed?

  • How you came to be best mates?
6. Come up with some jokes about his years of study, job skills, hobbies and achievements. But avoid being nasty or rude in groomsmen speeches that are meant to be fun and unsustained hilarious.

Don't go too far. For example don't mention his escapades with other women in the past:
  • Show photos of embarrassing moments for the groom and tell the story.

  • Looking for a prop, old toy, sports wear, a school award, and so on, can also result in good best man speech topic ideas.
7. My best man speech topic top 10 has a proven track record of success. It's a summary of my extended list of best man speech idea models: So lets continue.

Tell teasing anecdotes how the bride and groom have met:
  • How did he tell you about his new love, what did he exactly say?

  • How has he changed? Is there perhaps a possibility to give any gifts for groomsmen that are related to his development in human life?

  • Did he behave differently?
8. What is your perspective on the growing relationship between bride and groom? Give some heart-felt comments about the happy couple.

9. Speak some words of advice and your ideas for best man speech about love and marriage. Be sincere and emotional in your ideas for best man speech.

10. Propose wedding toasts to the bride and groom. Congratulate or bless them, express your best wishes to the bride and groom, wish a long and happy life: