5 Baptism Speech Topics -
Simple Wordings But Gold

Baptism speech topics and the essential steps for preparing by christening invitation cards during the planning a christening, the writing and delivering addresses and personalized baptism gifts:

You are being called upon to remark on a very important day in a small child or infant's life and you may find that saying the right words can be a little bit difficult.

The next tips are based on my own experiences as godparent of my little nephew. The truth is that a baptism speech can actually be quite straightforward, and there are many things that can help you find out what you want to say.

Although I realize that it is not respresentative in all aspects it is a handy start-up. If you are not planning a christening yourself, here's how to prepare the writing process and a baptism speech for the right moment trying to achieve all glorious and celebrating effects.

Make sure that you speak with the people who are organizing it.
  • How many people are going to be there;

  • From how far away are they coming?

  • What should you know about the child?

  • If at all possible, spend some time with the child in question and get an idea of the personality.

  • The more you know about the child, the better off you will be when you are called upon to speak.

Think about the focus of your planning a christening in advance and make sure that you consider what you are trying to do.

A good speaker talking about a human being who will be baptized keeps a few things in mind:

1. In the first place, you will find that you need to thank the minister and the service for performing.

2. You will also need to thank everyone for coming and helping you celebrate this very special day.

3. You will find that you should talk about your relationship with the parents.

4. Tell about the nice personality of the newborn.

5. Talk about your hopes and prays for the baby himself or herself.

Remember that your baptism speech does not need to be long.

A minute or so is fine, and you don't need to make an elaborate procedure of it and afterwards you could consider giving some personalized baptism gifts for the newborn.

You may want to start by making a decision about the delivery.

For example, do you want to memorize your writings or do you want to have note cards with a few words on them?

If you have a fairly good memory, reciting the whole presentation off the top of your head looks the best, but if you feel that will make you nervous, by all means use notes.

It helps to stick to the alloted time esapecially of more people want to say something nice to the parents and the little boy and girl too.

My last tip: Practice public speaking speeches a few times in front of the mirror and make sure that you look out at the audience as much as possible: