3 Argument Speech Topics
+ Main Points 

Argument speech topics plus five sample points on fashionable apparel, energy secure policy, and beauty pageant contest to prove your statement on good current issues for argumentative presentations and lessons. Why Do People Think It Is Important To Wear Fashion Clothes? A good looking outfit makes you feel good, and there are more arguments:

  1. Clothes reveal what group you belong with; it is a method to identify an individual or group.

  2. You can express a strong personal social statement and often it is a condition in business too - a fresh representative look.

  3. It's a way to improve your physical attraction.

  4. Peer pressure urges people to wear the latest trends, even if they do not feel comfortable.

  5. Fashion can show resistance to authority, tradition:

And other argument speech topics for public speaking:

Why Should We Need A Strong Energy Secure Policy?

We need to secure the resources in order to have a safe and low-cost energy in upcoming times:
  1. Oil and natural gas are the life blood of our economy and modern way of life.

  2. The growing intensity indicates that we face supply disruption of common sense reources on the long run.

  3. Efficiency and sustainable techniques could prevent that our existing resources decrease fast.

  4. Better self-reliance makes us more independent from other countries in the Middle East or other oil-producing and exporting nations.

  5. A powerful policy is a weapon to fight fluctuating gasoline prices.

Is participating in a beauty pageant contest a wise thing to do?

Many teenage girls dream of starring in a beauty pageant. But there are concerns I'd like to share:
  1. Sometimes there are complex eligibility requirements to participate. I always advise competitors to closely study the rule of engagement with parental supervizing eyes.

  2. Entry fees and other expenses for clothing, hair, and make-up could be sky-high.

  3. Young women risk their health by losing too much weight because they think thin, slimmer, smaller is beautiful.
  4. It requires time and patience.

  5. Realize how disappointment feels if you lose the contest: