All About Love

by Izumi

This was mailed by visitor Izumi.
Love is a feeling of liking somebody very much. Love is the attraction of one person to another person. Love is based onrespect, admiration and communication. Respect must be there in order for love to grow. Love is accepting. Acceptance is labelling someone as "okay" and having no particular desire to change them ...

Self-love means that your love comes from within. The art of loving yourself begins in self acceptance. You begin loving yourself whan you stop rejecting yourself.

In welcoming all your feelings, you become whole and you will start to accept and love yourself.

You can give w/o loving but you cannot love w/o giving. When you love someone, do not make him / her as your everything because when they're gone, you have nothing ...!

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College Admissions
by: Bodana, Moscow

Write the best on the different grading systems, such as the worldwide 10-point scale, the percentile or letter grade system used in the United States. Help your classmates to translate their GPA scale for college admissions. And tell about the requirements for applicants who have to take a test to exhibit some grade of academic capacity. Compare for example the ratings and education background you need to apply for the various master degree programs. How to prepare the official forms for your prepare your college application and what do you need to know before you take college entrance exams. Keep notice of the remarks of your guidance study counselor.

love it
by: kiensii

how nice :)

Monster (Brother)
by: Lilly, New Zealand

Well, i wrote mine on my brother. But describing him as a monster. Like how he lives in a dark cave (his room) filled with xbox games and hair gel, and everything else that describes boys! And at the end, i said that this monster i was talking about the whole time, was my older brother.

by: Fiona

Take a bunch of love quotes and every audience, especially girls and women like to hear you talking about.

by: Ingrid, Sweden

Do a survey in your high school about love, romance and relationships. And make it interactive to share the results on powerpoint slides.

My Step Sister
by: Indiah, Australia

About her: her name, her personality, about how she is always crazy and funny, her favourite tv show and food, how many sisters she has, her favourite animal and colour, her dogs name, i love my sister georgia.

Bob the Builder
by: Sara, Big Rapids, MI USA

He is the greatest person ever and his show is amazing I love him.

Challenges in Life
by: Valerie, Philippines

There are lots of challenges in life.
Everyday we experience form many challenges.
Like as a student, its a challenge to do your projects or homework right?

Everything comes form many challenges moneys either ... they are not easy to get ... like friends! It's not easy to get.

Look at the rich people, they got everything but some don't have a friend. But now,some things are now easy to get, but still life is not easy to get, and a friend like you is not easy to get by others right?

Love doesn't too! its hard to love if he/she don't love you. You know, you must first experience challenges. People learn from mistake.
But poverty is not a hindrance to success!

Different Types of Love
by: Rizza Tuazon,L.A.

When you love someone, they become a part of you. Maybe that's why when you lose someone it hurts because you're loosing a part of yourself ...

Pieces of Advise
by: Joanna

For year seven students starting at Eccessbourne. This could be matchless.

1. How to wear the school uniform:

  • School shirt must be flat to stomach, and tucked into pants.

  • Trousers must be worn above the belly button, to avoid showing of any undergarnments.

  • Skirt must be six inches bellow the knee.

  • Top button must be fastened tight enough intill you feel yourself start to sufficate and turn blue in the face.

  • Tie must be precicely 19 stripes long.

  • The school blazer must be at least 7 sizes bigger than your actuall size.

  • Make up is forbidden for boys. And girls too...

2. Homework excuses:

At Ecclesbourne homework is a big issue. And must be done when expected. But we all know that not everyone does their homework, so if you decide to be vile enough to make up an excuse, do it right!
I am going to read you a list of bad excuses:
  • It was raining and I slipped and the paper fell and it got muddy and when I cleaned it off the ink was all gone and I tried to copy someone's paper, but the copier ran out of ink and my computer was broken so I couldn't print it.

  • My brother erm.. used it as toilet accident...

  • I didnt do it because i didnt want to make the other kids in my class look bad.

  • I have a life.

  • I do not agree on doing an assignment on saving our planet and the world we live in, and stopping trees being cut down, on a peice of a4 paper, when with the amount of effort i put into work, i will have used all of the trees in the world,compleetly defeating the purpose of the homework in the first place.

  • I didnt know it was in for today...

  • We had homework?

Help me, I need more the pursuasive speach is in 1 day n i havnt finnished writin it!

Arts Education
by: Neville, South Africa

Presenting an arts festival for school learners. Making them aware of the benefits of arts education. Welcoming and thanking vip's and sponsors. Thanking teachers for their support. That's my best idea.

by: Geeta, City

In front of higher officials this adress have to be presented.

by: Najma Said

When you write stories, articles and recount about yourself. You will be tried and soon out of your own self. It is good to pick you own so you can be creative... [e.g. world / globe warming] In other formulating - take you time and sit back on a relaxed chair for a while when noting things you have done in the past years. A great approbation is to print your curriculum vitae for your applications you did in the past. And filter out the things you are attracted to and spot for any semblances. Loving things and events are the solid base for storytelling you know. Influential events absolute. Make a anecdote, a little narrative sketch of moments that struck you by lighting so to speak. Those are the triggers for an unmitigated skate-off in a room full of attending people.

Healthy Living
by: Natasha, British Columbia

I was thinking that most people eat junkfood every day. I want to convince people to stay healthy. At least everyday eat the minmum of what they are supposed to eat.

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