A Persuasive Speech Topics Checklist on Ethos, Pathos and Logos

A persuasive speech topics primer with handy checks for embedding influential rhetoric methods of christian ethos pathos and ideas for logos as speaking and essay writer service I designed a checklist through which it is feasible to:

a. Establish credibility plus the competence of your sources;

b. Evoke emotion;

c. Provide logic arguments.

Some links on the left side of this page refer to some of my various tabulations.
In the past years I have developed hundreds of handy lists... Discover them!

And use my checks to draft intro, body and conclusion of a presentation.

Ethos - Credibility / Competence
Show you have the appropriate background to speak a few minutes with authority on a persuasive speech topics issue you have selected.

  1. What is your experience regarding to the assumption at take?
  2. What is your hands-on expertise: craftmanship hobbyist, impressive job track record, signed in for engaging social volunteering, after school activities?
  3. How did you ever handle related situations or events like this, has for example christian ethos hase been a leitmotif and what was the success factor?

Proof that your sources and antecedents are reliable and trustworthy enough to cite in your logical constructed speaking draft:

  1. Is the author of the text an expert her or his field or is she or he a controversial scientist or publisher?
  2. Has the essay writer service written more books and articles, or weblogs and seminars on the issue?
  3. What is the education background of the author, what are certificates, diploma, training programs, or awardwinning achievements?

    rhetoric christian ethos orator

Pathos - Emotion
Motivate your audience to imagine that they are actually in the same situation you describe:

  1. What parts or aspects affect your fellow students emotionally?
    Sort out what their most feared fears (:-), ambitions and aspirations, and sympathies and interests are.
  2. Do their emotions conflict with their own struggles and strives, and growth and life flow?
  3. Could you use funny humor or irony (read: not sarcasm) to cool them down and accept a persuasive speech topics idea?

Ideas For logos - Logic
Convince them with good logic arguments and explanations in your main points. I share with you my mini-checklist:

  1. Locate major claims and assertions and wonder. Do you agree for hundred per cent with the author’s claim that ...
  2. Look at support for the claims and ask: Is there any claim that appears to be weak or unsupported? Which one and why?
  3. Can you think of counter-arguments most people oversee and therefore take it for granted ...
  4. Does the opposite side in a contest or something left out something on purpose because it undermines her / his theory. That is sure something that you could use while writing or throw in between the lines while delivering your talk.
  5. All of these elements and appeals have their own historical track record during the past milleniums. Remember that it is a great honor to put into use the figures of speech that give rise to psychological mechanisms in the wonderful human brain: