A Good Speech Topic - My Sturdy Tips

A good speech topic could be about the ten most wanted things people like to improve or change in their lifes such as online diets and finally pay off debts ideal for audience arousing writing topics for high school:

Since people in general want the top-notch tips and advices on trends, on the things that bother them, want to solve, change, better, remove or improve.

There are many wish lists on the net with things people want in life of for each other.

I have composed one myself - and it is based on a quick survey on current most wanted categories and trends among high school students in my class.

The results were these themes and possible main and sub-points for a good speech topic. Toastmasters International members can use them too of course, for proper speechwriting about desires, commonplaces, and wishes people have in ordinary life:

Do things efficiently to save time.

Use a prioritized to-do list to manage your daily tasks effectively in a row.
Buy a stylish personal organizer.
Master your email inbox.
Multitask: carry out of two or more tasks at the same time.

A good speech topic for a fun, curiosity and attraction lecture:

Have more happiness and fun.

Find something enjoyable about mandatory activities you do not like to do.
Intense laughter every day keeps the doctor away.
Aim at concrete and achievable life goals and do not push yourself over the top.

Satisfy my curiosity.

Explore your environment and try to understand something what's new to you.
Pose yourself challenging questions on everything you see, do, meet. In this way you stimulate your interest.
Use your natural desire to explore the unknown as a method to trigger your motivation to take action and to persuade.

Attracting men.

Try to get noticed and therefore always be in the center of the attention.
In a bar hold a cocktail drink in you hand, just half a glas.
Use body language: make eye contact, smile, then drop your eyes.
Be like a lady who play hard to get to pique a man's interest, do not try to do your best to get him.

A good speech topic about problems people could have: dieting, criticism, debts:

Online Diets
Lose weight safely.

Know how many types of the essential vitamine and mineral food you should eat in one day.
Do exercises every day like swimming, biking, running, dancing to lose calories.
Do not eat fat and excessive junk food.
Quit smoking that's better than working you rway trough online diets that cause instipation.

Dealing with criticism.

Use positive feedback to motivate constructive changes in your personal behavior and social skills.
Listen to comments and filter out what is useful and valid.
See criticism as pointing you in the right direction.

Pay Off Debts
Getting out of debt.

Decide to cutback and take control of your spendings, start a savings program.
Never use your credit card again for little amounts.
Participate in some sort of a consolidation settlement program is the roadmap to pay off debts that you suffer from for a long period.

Also for younger people this is a high quality public speaking exercise to discuss:

Slow the aging process.

Keep yourself in an appropriate condition with a normal Body-Mass Index.
Eat every day food containing antioxidant vitamin E plus Vitamin D.
Stay mentally active.

Be in style.

Cut your hair in a special unique
hair style and apply different
make-up if you want a metamorphosis.
Wear clothes, lingerie and shoes with amazing flashy colors and textures.
Consider the way you talk, walk, act.

Understanding your pet's behavior.

Look at the acts or likes that
incites trust and confidence in
Take notice of signs of
trouble, worry or fear of your
cats, dogs, reptiles (!) or home rondents - hamsters (Cricetinae), rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus),
and guinea-pigs (Cavia porcellus).
Show you are the boss, you are
the leader, and win your pet's
gain your dog's cheerfully

Audrey Hepburn Actress as on of my writing topics for high school

A good speech topic deals with the nicer things: your life style looks is a real winner and what do you think of pets? Those are food for a lot of discussions and ramifications!

To put is mildly: yes, public speaking exercises indeed many people want to hear you talking and lecturing about in a conversational voice and manner. With full question and answer debate afterwards, as folks want to share their own experiences after such a blockbusting common ground story: