50 Sports Informative Speech Topics

50 sports informative speech topics on popular themes such as badminton, Paris marathon, baseball bat tricks, and english speaking notes for anyone who is looking for athletes issues to instruct or share knowledge. Most of the material below could be seen as hints for your sub or main points in a demonstration outline!


The badminton racket forehand and backhand grip techniques.
Goose, duck feather, plastic, and synthetic shuttlecocks.
The low, high, drive, and flick serve, plus the drop shot.
The Badminton footwork and game strategies.

Some special speech ideas in this list of 50 sports informative speech topics for girls:



The long run of the Greek messenger Pheidippides after the Battle of Marathon to the modern forms like the Olympic Games and the Paris Marathon.
Types of relay races and competitions for runners.
The mission of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics.

Baseball Bat Tricks

The differences with softball.
The twelve year history of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.
The Little League World Series for boys ánd girls.


Types of shots - mid-range, alley-oop, free-throw, layup, three-pointer, dunk, and the half-court shot.
Man-to-man and zone defense.
Footwork for dribbling, passing and screening.


Tour de France (100 years old event) in 21 stages over a total distance of approx 3,500 km/2,200 miles.
Giro d'Italia (about 66 years) in Italy, nearly 3,500 km/2,200 miles.
Vuelta a España, three-week bicycle racing over about 3,300 km/2,050 miles.

Yes, all 50 sports informative speech topics can be altered and transformed in your own way!


How American football in other countries is organized, like Canada, Europe, Russia, Switzerland and Japan.
The differences between Canadian and American football.
Gaelic football rules - a mix of rugby, soccer, and basketball.
The history of the Australian game.
The popular 4-4-2 formation in modern soccer.


What do lie and loft mean for golf clubs, why important?
Offer a general checklist for choosing the best type of putters.
Golf course architecture and the hidden strategies designers create for your pleasure ...

The next examples in my 50 sports informative speech topics list can be explained and showed with video and graphics with assisting English speaking notes in your hand:


Rhythmic gymnastics scoring system of the governing authority Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique.
Trampolining - the Schools Trampoline Competitions in the United Kingdom.
Acrobatic: pair or group performing tumbling routines.


Choosing checklist for the best hockey stick for field play - or other related sports equipment.
Outfit and protection elements of the keeper.
The major professional sports leagues India, Pakistan, Australia, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Argentina.

Horse Racing

Flat racing: running over level tracks in eight racing classes.
Steeplechasing: across open country with jumps over hurdles and water obstacles.
Harness racing - jockeys riding in sulkies behind trotting or pacing horses.

In this public speaking section also this special one:


Men's field lacrosse - derived from the field hockey game jeu de la crosse in France.
Development and history of women's lacrosse.
How box or indoor lacrosse is played.
Intercrosse, the soft form, popular in Europe.

Martial Arts

American Karate, strengthens your physical wellbeing and improve your listening and learning skills.
Malakhra sports, wrestlers tie a twisted cloth around the waist of the opponent and than ...
Non-violent Martial Arts like Aikido, Jujitsu, and Judo.

You know you could easily make 50 sports informative speech topics of all Martial Arts styles on five continents in our world?


Costumes and dresses for figureskating.
Speedskating world championships Short Track.
Tour skating on natural ice over a long distance, e.g. Eleven Cities Tour in Friesland.


Australian Open (since 1912) in January in Melbourne.
Roland Garros (1928) in May/June Paris.
Wimbledon (1881) in June/July in Great Britain.
US Open (1877) in August/September in New York.

Water Sports

Extreme Waterskiing tricks: slalom, jumping, barefoot, carving. (Ideal for showing up to 50 sports informative speech topics and more slides and videos with suiting English speaking notes presentation equipment :-)
Snorkelling routes in the Great Barrier Reef.
Sailing navigation equipment for a sailing trip around the globe.
Kitesurfing on land - or land kite boarding.
Timber Rafting as outdoor activity.