5 Minute Speech Topics :
60+ On Organizations

5 Minute speech topics on international socio economic development organizations and commonwealth life insurance alliances for writing a quick and alert informative Toastmaster club public speaking speech. List their characteristics, e.g.:

- meaning
- goals and purposes
- policies and regulations
- history
- membership / requirements
- organs / governing bodies
- role in the world or region
- current issues
- conflicts
- controversies
- symbols
- flags
- scientific publications
- donor funding
- key issues in the past
- monitoring / control tasks
- special projects.

Amnesty International, the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development GUAM, Habitat For Humanity International HFHI, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development IGAD.

The worldwide Committee of the Red Cross, the cosmopolitan criminal police Interpol, the global development enterprises IDE, the UN specialized labour agency ILO, the International Monetary Fund IMF or the worldwide assembly for safety and peace questions IPSP.

Well, some 5 minute speech topics on regional or interstate unity could be on the following special - what we call - entities in the geo-political landscape:

The African Union, the American Institute of Philanthropy AIP, the Comunidad Andina de Naciones CAN, Australia, New Zealand, the United States Security Treaty ANZUS, the League of the Arab States, the Arab Maghreb Union, the Arctic Council,the meeting of Southeast Asian countriess ASEAN, the Asian Dialogue ACD.

The Socio Economic Development Bank ADB, the Pacific Economic Cooperation APEC, the assembly of Caribbean states ACS, the Bank for Settlements BIS, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation B&MGF, the Caribbean CARICOM, the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

The Central American Parliament Parlacen, the alliance of Central Asian Cooperation OCAC, the Commonwealth Life Insurance of Independent States CIS, the Commonwealth of Nations.

The Comunidade dos países de língua portuguesa CPLP, the African Conseil de l'Entente, the Cooperation System of the American Air Forces SICOFAA,the Council of Europe COE, the Deutsche Minenräumer or German Mine Clearers DEMIRA.

East Asian Summit EAS, Economic Commission for Europe ECE, the Economic Co-operation of West African States ECOWAS, Economic Cooperation Organization ECO, the Eurasian EAEC, the European Free Trade EFTA, the Patent Organisation EPO.

The Space Agency ESA, the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonieor Indian Ocean Rim Association for regional economic co-operation IOR-ARC.

Or choose for a public speaking speech on one of these 5 minute speech topics on well-known institutions:

world globe commonwealth life insurance

The UN Economic and Social Council ECOSOC, United Nations Educational, the Scientific and Cultural UNESCO, Worldbank Group WBG, health institute WHO, the Fund for Nature WWF.

The SOS Children's Villages, the Economic Co-operation and Socio Economic Development OECD, Prohibition of Chemical Weapons OPCW, Eastern Caribbean States OECS.

Security in Europe OSCE, the alliance of American States OAS, Organization of Petroleum-Exporting Countries OPEC, North Atlantic Treaty Association NATO or South Atlantic Peace Zone ZPCAS.

And these could be 5 minute speech topics on well-known trade institutions:

The South Asian regional SAARC, the Southern African Development SADC, the Energy and Resources Institute TERI, the Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia TRACECA, the UN Conference on Trade UNCTAD or the West African monetary zone UEMOA.

Take your time, select the public speaking speech idea your Toastmaster meeting partners like, and jot down an outline as I mentioned above for a public speaking speech.

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